10 Best TikTok Tips and Tricks to Go Viral

10 Best TikTok Tips and Tricks to Go Viral

On TikTok, anyone can go viral. But due to their quirky nature, it’s often the most creative or silly videos that get shot. Of course, it also helps that TikTok has a massive audience that is super engaged. To increase your chances of being seen, there are some tips and tricks we recommend you try.

From taking advantage of trendy audio to green screen effects, here are the 10 best TikTok tricks.

Join relevant or high-performing videos

Stitch is a tool that allows you to combine another video on TikTok with the one you are creating. It’s another way to collaborate with other TikTokers, Take advantage of user-generated content, and expand your reach.

Start by looking for high-performing videos in your niche. You can do this by using the search bar and typing keywords related to your brand. Or, check to see if any videos directly mention your brand.

Once you find a video to join, tap the Share icon on the right.

Then, play “Stitch.” This will open the editing tool, where you can select five seconds of the video to use in yours.

Use the green screen effect

TikTok has many filters and effects, but the green screen effect stands out from the crowd.

Like a traditional green screen, this effect lets you stay on the net. At the same time, different images appear in the background. Add a whole new level of storytelling by incorporating visual aids.

This filter is ideal for explaining topics, providing recommendations, or when images can complement your story.

For example, let’s say you’re a fitness influencer. You can explain the correct form of an exercise by referring to the photos in the background. In this case, background images enhance your commentary rather than distracting.

Take advantage of trendy audio

88 % of TikTok users say sound is essential to the TikTok experience. Attract people’s attention and add flavor to your content. And for many users, it is the starting point for creating a great video.

What music is trending right now? TikTok’s Creative Center ranks the most famous music and audio clips daily. You can even filter results by region, which is helpful if your audience is in a different location than you.

Try vlog-style videos

Vlog-style videos feel more personal and intimate, which could explain why they are so popular on TikTok.

These videos typically include several clips with a voiceover describing the events.

Incorporate niche and trending hashtags

Making a TikTok video is half the battle; You must also ensure it gets in front of your audience. Hashtags are one way to get there.

Adding hashtags to your description gives your videos a better chance of being seen, allowing you to boost visibility, build brand awareness, and expand your reach. But how can you do it?

This may sound counterintuitive, but only targeting popular hashtags is ineffective. While they command a broader audience, they are also highly competitive. On the other hand, niche hashtags have fewer people searching for them. Still, those who do are highly engaged and interested.

A complete hashtag strategy should include niche and popular hashtags.

Respond to comments with a video

On TikTok, almost all brands have the same goal: to connect with their audience. Most often, that connection is formed in the comments section. It’s where viewers go to ask questions and share opinions.

Previously, creators were stuck responding to comments with text, but now they can respond with video. This feature allows you to delve deeper into topics, answer questions, and keep your audience coming back for more.

Add value with “How to” TikToks

“How to” videos and tutorials are easy to provide value to TikTok viewers without sounding too promotional. Additionally, presenting yourself as an expert or authority in your niche keeps your brand, products, and/or services top of mind with viewers.

Leave a CTA in your description and/or comments

Do you need more participation? Sometimes, it’s as simple as asking for it.

The ultimate goal of a CTA is to persuade users to do something: follow your TikTok page, visit your website, leave a comment, etc. So ask yourself, what do I want my viewers to do? Whatever you choose should help you get closer to your main goal (i.e., driving website traffic, increasing brand awareness, etc.).

Your description and comments section are the main areas. Use these areas to ask questions, encourage users to follow you, or drive traffic to your website, blog, or other social channels.

Add subtitles to your videos

In 2021, TikTok became more accessible with the introduction of automatic captions. Although you can add subtitles manually, allowing more flexibility to play with the color and font of the text, you can also use the Subtitles tool. You can generate video subtitles with just one click, allowing others to read or listen to your content.

Adding subtitles makes your videos fully accessible, which means you can reach an even wider audience. It also helps viewers who want to browse TikTok but need help to unmute themselves.

Explore top-performing videos in your niche for inspiration

The most successful videos on TikTok are creative, out-of-the-box, and often quirky. That’s a tall order, so every brand should explore the top-performing videos in their niche for inspiration.

Start by typing keywords related to your brand in the search bar. Then, click the filter icon and select “Most Liked.” This will pull up TikTok videos that have gone viral using that specific keyword.

Once you’ve identified high-performing videos, think about ways to recreate them while adding your own spin.



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