5 Easy Ways to Use “Questions Stickers” on Instagram

5 Easy Ways to Use “Questions Stickers” on Instagram

Instagram question stickers are a complement that you can add to your stories on the social network to ask questions to your audience, receive their response and then share them with the entire community.

The question stickers have a rectangular shape and are made up of your profile image, the question you want to ask the audience and a section where the community can answer said question if they wish.

These stickers are an excellent way to interact with the audience and increase engagement and loyalty. Do you want to know how to use them in your social media strategy? Well, below, we will tell you everything about the question stickers on Instagram so that you can get the most out of them.

How to use question stickers in your account step-by-step

Using question stickers in Instagram stories is super easy, but remember that you can only use them through the Instagram application on your mobile device or tablet, as stories cannot be uploaded from your computer.

Having said this, you must follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device or tablet.
  2. Go to the + button in the central part of the bottom bar.
  3. Select the “Story” option from the bottom bar, where there are also the “Publish”, “Reel”, and “Direct” options.
  4. You can choose the video or image on which your question sticker should appear. You can also take a photo or video directly from the app.
  5. Select the “Sticker” option at the top. It is the third option from the left and is represented with a sticker.
  6. Once inside, click ” Questions ” next to the GIF option.
  7. Now is the time to design the sticker to your liking. Click on the circle at the top to choose the colour, and then write your question.
  8. When you have it, click “Done” in the upper right.
  9. You will see that the sticker appears over the chosen video or image.
  10. Now, you can drag it and place it wherever you want.
  11. Once you have it to your liking, you can publish it by clicking “Your story” at the bottom.
  12. You can save it to your device by clicking on the three dots at the top or select draft by clicking on the date to go to the back of your phone.

Once you have published your story with the question sticker, you can see your audience’s responses in the Instagram notifications section (which you can access by clicking on the heart that appears at the top of the social network’s main page ) or entering the story that has the sticker and swiping up (sliding your finger up on the screen).

You can answer both by DM (direct message) or publicly; you have to click on the answer you want to answer. We recommend responding publicly so that all followers can see it and benefit from the information you provide. The good thing is that although you can see who the person who asked you the question is when answering publicly, that information will not appear, so the question will be anonymous for the public.

Finally, suppose the question sticker has generated answers and exciting content. In that case, it is recommended that you save the different stories you have uploaded related to it in the highlights on your profile.

Advantages of question stickers in your social media strategy

  • Your community feels heard: Using the question sticker makes the public see that their opinion matters and that you care about them, which is very positive for increasing loyalty among your customers and engagement.
  • Improving brand image: a company that looks outward and interacts with its community causes the audience to have a better opinion of it.
  • Know your customers better: Question stickers are handy for audience and target audience analysis. They allow you to get to know your community differently, and the information you can get from them helps you better focus your content and perfect your products and services.
  • Improve the visibility of your stories: Instagram usually gives more visibility to the stories with the most interactions, and stickers are one way among many to increase the number and whether they are shared or received alike.
  • They help you create content: In addition to question stickers, which can be included within your social media strategy, the messages you receive from the community can give you many content ideas for the future.


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