How AI Improves the Customer Experience on Social Networks

How AI Improves the Customer Experience on Social Networks

Nowadays, almost everything that happens in the world co-occurs on Social Networks. Therefore, coinciding with  Community Manager Day. In fact, according to a recent company study, there is a strong link between a positive digital experience and a significant increase in conversion rates.

Thus, according to this report, users who perceive a  positive digital experience are almost twice as likely to make frequent purchases and spend more on each transaction. Additionally, they are four times more likely to recommend the brand to others.

Automatic analysis of customer comments in RRSS

But how can brands make the most of understanding their customers’ needs? A fundamental step is to listen to customers who actively share their comments since social networks offer valuable information about their problems and expectations beyond just channels for advertising.

On World Community Manager Day, it is crucial to highlight the vital role of Voice of the Customer (VoC) listening platforms as a complement to the work of these professionals. Given its physical limitations to analyze all user comments in real-time, using software tools that work with Text Analytics and unsupervised machine learning models becomes essential to analyze free text, statements, and even transcripts of calls or chats.

Low survey response rates are generally challenging for companies when collecting customer experience data. For this reason, social networks are essential by offering unique information that complements traditional surveys.

Artificial Intelligence is an excellent ally of the Community Manager to personalize the customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence  (AI)  is already revolutionizing consumer listening on social networks. Today’s brands can analyze today’s sums of data/comments through specific algorithms to identify trends and critical situations, thus providing a personalized experience.

Immediacy, humanization and surprise are vital points

It is a fundamental requirement on social networks, where customers expect quick answers to their questions. Demonstrating brand commitment by quickly identifying and addressing at-risk customers is crucial.

Working in a coordinated manner, brand departments can surprise customers using valuable insights from social networks. From innovative marketing strategies to customer service initiatives, the information collected can be capitalized for up-selling and cross-selling actions, improving business growth.

Working in concert, brand departments can surprise customers by capitalizing on valuable insights gleaned from social media. These insights drive innovative marketing and customer service strategies and become the basis for up-selling and cross-selling actions, thus contributing to sustained business growth. Active listening on social media enriches the customer experience and is a critical driver for business development.

The perfect complement for the work of the Community: Digital Behavior Analysis

But, in a dynamic business environment, brands must go beyond traditional comments or surveys, recognizing the value of digital behaviour analysis as the ideal complement to the Community MManager’swork. The voice of the customer (VOC) emerges as a crucial component, allowing companies to capture signals that customers do not even verbalize in their comments on social networks or in surveys.

Those companies that use this behavioural data to generate insights outperform their competitors by an impressive 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin.



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