Tips for Instagram Stories to Generate More Conversions

Tips for Instagram Stories to Generate More Conversions

Beyond the typical advice of using trending songs in Instagram Stories, being creative, publishing during the hours when they have the most active users and using hashtags, there are many other interesting actions to make your Instagram advertising strategy focused on stories have a positive impact. Greater performance both in terms of conversions and interactions.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. It can greatly help increase the popularity of your brand and its sales.

In this article, I want to tell you what,, are the best tips when it comes to achieving results with Instagram Stories. Let’s start!

1. Put powerful CTAs (calls to action) on your links

The swipe-up option on Instagram Stories that allowed accounts with more than 10,000 followers to give users the option to swipe the screen to redirect to another page has now disappeared. All accounts now have the option to redirect viewers to another screen via link stickers.

The interesting thing about these stickers is that you can edit the CTA that they carry and that users see to make it as attractive as possible.

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These link stickers are very useful when it comes to redirecting the audience to your website and thus increasing your traffic.

2. Caption your Instagram Stories, always

People not only consume Instagram at home but also in public spaces in a silent way so as not to disturb other people. Even when consumed at home while accompanied, the option without volume is also chosen.

In order not to lose this large number of people who consume the social network without sound, many brands choose to subtitle all their videos. Today, it is an easy task since Instagram itself is equipped with a tool that automatically subtitles your videos. You can access it in the advanced configuration section and then enter accessibility when you are editing your video on the platform.

3. Add shopping tags

Purchase tags are very similar to link stickers. Still, they have the peculiarity that they redirect to a product within the Instagram catalogue.

Register as a company profile on the social network and meet the requirements. You can create catalogues with your different products and their characteristics so that users know your items without having to enter your e-commerce. Additionally, each product can be accompanied by a button that redirects to your online store.

Adding these purchase tags to Instagram Stories is a very good way to allow users to easily access information about a product and not have to search for it themselves

4. Post more than once a day

To have greater reach and visibility on the platform, Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram and the person in charge of supervising all functions of the social network, recommends 2 posts in stories per day. Meanwhile, 2 or 3 posts per week are recommended in the feed.

5. Share your sales and discount codes

Instagram Stories is a great speaker for your brand, so don’t waste it. Announcing discount codes and your sales can be a great idea to encourage the public to buy your products in a specific period and thus increase your sales.

Furthermore, if you combine this type of message with purchase labels or link stickers in the same story, the result can be very good.

6. Use question boxes and surveys

The more interactions a story receives, the more powerful the Instagram algorithm is. Therefore, adding elements in stories that the community can interact with is a good idea to increase your reach with this type of content.

However, we recommend not using any interactive elements but rather those that are useful and have a clear objective, such as question boxes and surveys.

These types of elements are not only interactive, but they give the user the feeling that the brand cares about their opinion. In addition, they can be useful to you as a company to know what your clients and potential clients think about certain aspects, which can help you improve your decisions.

Of course, it is highly recommended to then share the answers to those questions and the results of the surveys so that the community also benefits from all that information.

Elements such as clickable stickers or emoji bars also create interaction. Still, they are not as interesting as these two elements that I mentioned before.

7. Share UGC (User Generated Content) on Instagram Stories

User-generated content is highly demanded by viewers since it creates closeness between the brand and the viewer and gives a touch of reality to the content of the social network, which is often criticized for its lack of integrity and excessive use of filters.

The content generated by users is that which is not created internally by the brand, but rather that which is uploaded by users to the social network without any exchange between the company and the person, so it tends to be more truthful.

Within the UGC we find reviews, comments, videos sharing the experience with the brand or tutorials, among others. And we can share all of them in stories as part of our marketing strategy.

8. Show behind the scenes

Just as UGC is widely received by the public due to the reality and authenticity it transmits and, therefore, the Instagram algorithm enhances it, behind-the-scenes content is also very successful. In this case we are talking about real content that shows what happens in companies behind the scenes, that is, that shows how the teams work or who are the people who make everything possible.

9. Collaborate with influencers on Instagram Stories

Influencers are great resources to reach a greater number of people and increase conversions. And the influencers’ accounts already have a solid community that is generally interested in their content.

By collaborating with them and carrying out marketing actions together through Instagram Stories, the objective is to reach that community that they have already built and get part of it to also follow your brand and be interested in your products.

Let’s say it’s another resource to increase your reach, followers and sales.

You don’t always have to resort to influencers with a large number of followers; you can also work with micro-influencers or nano-influencers, as well as more niche influencers who are experts in your sector, which will help you give a more professional and reliable touch to your brand.

10. Don’t forget the highlights to highlight the best stories

You probably already know that Instagram Stories only last 24 hours. After that period, they disappear unless you save them in the highlights section of your profile.

This is something that you should do with those stories that you consider more evergreen and whose content is useful in the long term. But it is also advisable to do it with important content in a specific period since you can delete it whenever you want. In short, it is advisable to create a series of fixed highlights and also dedicate one or several highlights to temporary but important stories that you delete when they are no longer relevant.

This way, users can access stories whenever they want, and your efforts to create those stories will have an impact beyond 24 hours.

11. Enable the option to share your stories

This is another interaction option that will help the Instagram algorithm boost your stories. As a general rule, the option to share your stories is enabled by default, but this may not be the case or you may have disabled it at some point and don’t remember it. You should activate it so that users can share your stories with other users and thus reach more people.

12. Reply to messages on your Instagram Stories

The Instagram algorithm also rewards you to stay in touch with your audience and respond not only to messages from feed posts or reels but also to direct messages that reach you through Instagram Stories responses.

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