How Instagram Stories Are Useful For a Business?

How Instagram Stories Are Useful For a Business?

What is unique about this content? Stories are publications with an expiration date (24 hours) that today on both Facebook and Instagram appear at the top of the timeline when accessed from mobile Apps. The “expiration date” makes these publications unique and gives them greater dynamism, volatility, and a lower level of involvement, resulting in more relaxed content.

What can Instagram Stories bring to a company?

This way of sharing content maintains a growing trend that does not have a ceiling. More and more users, mainly on Instagram but also on Facebook, use Stories and, above all, consume them. For them, brands are exploiting this type of content that, although it disappears daily, obtains good results in terms of impact or reach. So much so that data already quantifies that about 35% of Stories are created by Instagram company profiles.

Companies in the fitness, cosmetics, or fashion sectors have extraordinary potential in a social network as visual and immediate as Instagram. These are launching into sharing their content in the form of Stories. However, the spectrum of business sectors investing in Instagram and its functionalities is expanding daily.

Stories offer three significant advantages for brands over traditional Instagram posts:

  1. The content (photo, video, boomerangs, …) shared as Stories is displayed in full screen and portrait orientation. This captures the full attention of the user, who is easier to impact if the message is appropriate.
  2. The expiration of the content motivates the creation of more informal publications that reduce engagement with what is shared. The creation or selection of the content is less exhaustive and rigorous, which translates into a closer interaction that reduces the sensation of advertising.
  3. Stories are directly linkable to external content, which is impossible in classic Instagram posts. This solves one of the biggest headaches for brands that saw an exciting advertising space on Instagram at the branding level but not performance.

How to integrate Instagram Stories into your business communication strategy?

Social networks must be present in almost any online marketing strategy. As experts in social networks, we assure you that each new functionality that a social network makes available to the user, far from being a threat, is a new marketing opportunity for companies, businesses, and brands. 

Stories are another tool companies should value when setting up their marketing action plan. In short, Instagram Stories (and also Facebook stories) can benefit your company’s Inbound Marketing strategy. It all depends on the skill you integrate into your online marketing plan and the ability to connect with the public you manage to give your creations.



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