Twitter Users can Hide their Old Tweets, past 30 days to a year Tweets

Twitter Users can Hide their Old Tweets, past 30 days to a year Tweets

Twitter is thinking of new features to provide users extra privacy benefits, according to Bloomberg. Twitter plans reportedly involve the chance to archive old tweets, so they’re not noticeable to other users after a settled period like 30, 60, or 90 days or a full year.

They also incorporate potential opportunities to define who can view which tweets you’ve liked, let somebody push themselves from a discussion on Twitter, and remove followers without completely blocking them.

Bloomberg explains the new features as a suite of “social privacy” changes to obtain people more relaxed engaging on Twitter.

Internal research at Twitter noticed that many users don’t even realize whether their accounts are public or private. The company will start asking users to review in September.

According to Bloomberg, there’s no timeline for remarkable changes, and the inappropriate archive option is in the concept phase.

But Twitter reportedly intends to begin engaging people to remove themselves from discussions by the end of the year and hire people to remove followers instead of soft-blocking them starting this month.

At Twitter, privacy is higher than what we do with your data; it’s also about how we attend you consider safe and in command of how you confer up on Twitter,” a spokesperson stated.

We realize that there’s no one-size-fits-all path to privacy, so we’re thrilled to roll out more features and tools to enable people on Twitter to customize their occurrence.

Our center on social privacy is motivated by the feedback we obtained through a global research study to know better people’s perceptions of and requirements for privacy around the globe.

The expected changes bring a flurry of other recent updates to Twitter. Over the past year, the organization has experimented with monetization features like ticketed audio rooms, which began rolling out last week, and subscription-based Super Follows, which started in the US yesterday.

The privacy switches seldom replicate clunky workarounds that several users have previously selected, including external services that remove tweets after a specific period. That contrasts with Twitter’s Fleets, an expiring message tool that Twitter left after eight months of moderate usage.



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