Google Maps and Apple Maps Which Maps App are Best?

Google Maps and Apple Maps Which Maps App are Best?

Google Maps has dominated smartphone mapping for the past five years. Apple Maps then replaced Google Maps and became the iPhone’s dominant mapping app. Apple is now in direct competition with Google. What is the best service?

Apple Maps initially received a lot of criticism and teasing because it fell far short of Google Maps. Tim Cook even apologized to the public shortly after the launch in September 2012. Apple has worked tirelessly to update Maps over the ensuing decade. See what it is.


What platforms are available on which Google Maps and Apple Maps? Apple Maps only works on Apple devices. Apple Carplay works on Apple Carplay-enabled devices, including iPhones, iPad, and Macs. Apple Maps will only work in your browser if you’re using DuckDuckGo.

Google Maps is accessible from various platforms, including Apple products. Google Maps is also available on Android Auto (based on Android), any web browser, and some phones. It is the big winner of the category.


Apple Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation is a feature that was heavily criticized when it was launched. Today, Apple Maps is much more reliable. Both services offer similar routes in most cases, but differences remain.

Apple Maps and Google Maps generally recommend the same primary route. Alternate routes, on the other hand, can vary significantly. Google Maps offers the most efficient route. Apple Maps, on the other hand, does not. Both services allow you to navigate using the same modes of transport: walking, cycling, and public transport.

Apple Maps provides additional descriptions of the turn to take, while Google Maps does not. Google Maps is different. Apple Maps says, “Not at this light; turn left at the next one instead.” This lets you know what to do without staring at your screen.

The two navigation modes are similar. They show speed, include a list of routes and light and dark modes, and allow you to edit routes or add stops. Apple Maps does not offer a satellite view in navigation mode.

This category is quite close. Apple provides a few additional tips to help you navigate. Google prioritizes fuel consumption and traffic conditions when creating a route. Google is way ahead of other navigation apps with its unmatched map data.


Google Maps and Apple Maps have become popular tools for viewing reviews and ratings of restaurants and other places. That’s why signs in shops ask customers to leave reviews on Google Maps. This is an important question.

Reviews on Google Maps come directly from Google Maps users. Google Maps users make up a significant portion of reviews on Google Maps. It is the fourth most downloaded smartphone app in the United States. Google also rewards reviews in its “local guides.”

Apple Maps, on the other hand, does not allow reviews. Instead, it refers to Yelp. (We also saw that it links to TripAdvisor. Yelp gets around 178 million visitors a month – a lot – but Google Maps gets over a billion users a month. That’s a lot to compare.

How does this translate into real life? Yelp and Google Maps pointed me to a very popular place in the area. Google Maps listed 9,660 ratings for the same location. Yelp listed 233 reviews. Google Maps offers a percentage that indicates how likely a place is to be liked. There is an indisputable winner.

How to remove an address from Google Maps


Reviews are only a small part of the picture regarding finding a place. Information from Google Maps and Apple Maps are both important and very different.

Apple Maps comes first. Shortcuts at the top of the screen allow you to browse, call the establishment, visit its website, add the establishment to your guide, submit photos, or put it in your favorites.

Below you will find the open/closed status, your rating of the establishment on a scale of $-$$$$, and the distance. You’ll see more photos, Yelp reviews, and parking and delivery information when you scroll down. Then we will give you more information about the opening hours.

Google Maps puts the most important information first, like matching percentage, wheelchair accessibility, or price range. Then there are shortcuts, including ordering (if applicable), calling, and saving your locations.

Below, several tabs provide additional information. The “Overview” tab contains most of the information you need. It contains information such as opening hours and the price range (e.g., 1 to 10 dollars per person) in real currency. There are also comments and additional photos. There are many things.

Use Google My Maps to send a personalized itinerary.


Apple Maps, Google Maps, and other mapping apps offer similar information. But the presentation is different. Apple opted for a simpler layout, while Google tried to pack a lot of features into a single app.

Google Maps appears when you first launch it. Google Maps opens with tabs on the left side of the screen. A search bar and shortcuts are at the top. And a “Last Places” card is just waiting to appear. The map takes up most of the screen.

Apple Maps shows the search bar and your bookmarks. You can also pull the map to see your recent guides and locations. That’s much less information coming to you upfront, but it still allows easy access.

On the map itself, it is possible to see the minimalist approach. Google Maps now has more icons for businesses and landmarks. Some of this information is valuable, such as high-traffic areas. However, some of them can be considered clutter. Apple only shows so much detail when you zoom in on the screen.

Google Maps is not necessarily ugly, but the application has become very large. Apple’s approach is refreshing.

How do I access My Maps?


If you want to travel worldwide, you may need access to a reliable internet connection. This is where offline maps come in handy. This is the most important factor in choosing a new map application for some.

Google Maps has been offering offline maps for quite some time. Then you select “Offline Maps.” From there, you can download a full map of your city or choose a specific area. It is very simple.

Apple Maps cannot display offline maps. Apple Maps does not support offline maps.



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