Snapchat Dark Mode is rolled out for iOS, Snapchat App appearance

Snapchat Dark Mode is rolled out for iOS, Snapchat App appearance

Snapchat app is rolling out a dark mode theme for its iOS app, according to reports.

Snapchat for iOS has ultimately taken the theme months following various other apps that have authorized it. This is because Snapchat experimented with the theme for a small user base before a full rollout.

According to a (MacRumors) report, it has approved dark mode for over 90 percent of Snapchat users.

Users can choose to see images and videos and communicate with their contacts on the app with a dark theme.

Users can utilize the dark mode from Settings. Within settings, they can pick the dark theme from the App Appearance part.

It presents three choices for app appearance, and users can pick ‘Always Dark’ to have a dark theme for the app or the default Forever Light option to keep a light theme for the app.

In extension, the ‘Match System’ alternative lets users pair the appearance based on their system settings.

According to a (Gadgets 360) report, a dark mode was available for Snapchat for iOS version, which is its newest update ready on the App Store.

You can now experience dark mode on Snapchat on your Android smartphone. However, see that it is yet a work in process and may not operate correctly.

You may see some differences. For example, some elements of the app aren’t still themed. Fascinating screens also have gray text on a black background, presenting them as unreadable or tough to read.

Anyway, when you use Snapchat and are annoyed by that bright white background that makes eye strain at night.

In that situation, it’s a reasonably honest way to enable dark mode till the company properly maintains the feature.

The iOS app allows three options beneath the new “App Appearance” section in the app settings: Match System, Always Light, and Always Dark.

So you can both keep the app to follow your phone’s light or dark theme or always enable a dark theme. The related settings should also be possible on the Android app.



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