Ola announced they deliver oxygen concentrators on doorsteps for free

Ola announced they deliver oxygen concentrators on doorsteps for free

Ola will now assist users with oxygen concentrators. Ola app users will quickly be ready to request free oxygen concentrators by presenting a few essential details.

Once the information is verified, Ola will deliver the oxygen concentrator to the users’ doorstep for free of cost. Ola Foundation has partnered with delivering India free oxygen concentrators to those in requirement through the Ola mobile app.

Ola will not require users for the concentrator or transportation and will carry it back from the users once they perceive more genuine and no extended need. The service will begin working out in Bangalore next week and open across India in the following weeks.

The co-founder of Ola Bhavish Aggarwal, on Twitter, addressed, “We must come together and help our communities during these unprecedented times. Today we’re announcing the O2forIndia initiative in partnership with @GiveIndia to provide free and easy access to oxygen concentrators to those in need. @foundation_ola #O2forIndia.”

The more perceived that Ola app users could ask concentrators on the Ola app. Once their request is approved, Ola will give the concentrator to the user’s doorstep and pluck it back when users don’t require it.

The concentrator and transport will be free of cost. It begins in Bangalore this week & will open across India in the proceeding weeks. We hope this drive begins required support through these challenging conditions and helps in relieving the pain and the fear among those affected,” he wrote.

Ola will work out the service with an opening set of 500 oxygen concentrators in Bangalore. Ola and GiveIndia are supposed to scale up the number beyond the country with up to 10,000 units of concentrators in the following weeks.

Ola also included the COVID-19 vaccination price for all employees and dependents as the world remains its fight against the pandemic.

Ride-hailing and bike-taxi businesses like Uber and Rapido have also appeared to serve and assist their users in the pandemic. Uber and Rapido offer free rides to qualified users to and from the vaccination centers.

Uber users can sum promo code 10M21V in the wallet section of their Uber app. Once users access the code, they will add the Promo to their ride.

Uber has retained the value that any free ride will be a peak of Rs 150, and a rider is allowed a maximum of two free rides to and from the treatment center.

The final amount that will perform will display on the app will add the discount. Rapido users who are above 45 years of age can get free rides if they acquire the vaccines from available hospitals.



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