What You Should Do With the Router When You Go On Vacation

What You Should Do With the Router When You Go On Vacation

When going on vacation, you always want everything ready: suitcases, the car in perfect condition in case it is going to be used for the trip, make sure you have the keys. The National Police recommends not even getting off all the blinds to pretend it is uninhabited. But what about the router?

It is one of the most frequent questions when going on vacation for a more or less long time. Each one chooses their own option, and the truth is that there is no substantially better than the other.

The reasons for leaving it on are usually because the router will need to be active to access specific files from outside the home or want to keep it on so that it works, for example, in some programmed functions during the absence.

Some opt to keep it turned off for security or energy savings. From the Movistar customer area blog and other specialized portals in the sector, they point out a series of advantages and disadvantages for each option.

Energy efficiency

Turning off the router can be cheerful if you are looking for savings or energy efficiency since it is a system that is usually on at all times.

Modern routers usually implement a system that allows you to program when you want to activate and deactivate. However, the company points out that keeping the device on does not significantly impact the electricity bill.

Security reasons

Advocates of turning off the router during vacations often claim security reasons. In this sense, the most significant concern is usually aimed at stealing the Wi-Fi signal, which cannot happen if it is turned off because there is no connection.

Network problems

Reducing network problems or protecting it against electrical surges are other reasons to turn it off. In this case, to end the slowness of the device and the network, it is recommended to restart it, and that can be the solution to refresh the systems in cases of simple problems. As for network uploads, being away from home, we may need to realize it and may cause damage to the device.

Other reasons to leave it on

On the other hand, by keeping the router turned on, automatic updates are allowed to continue; it is avoided to stop receiving calls since, at present, even the landline telephone depends on IP, and other equipment connected to that device loses the connection or lengthens its useful life and that it wears out from turning it on and off.



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