What are the Common Computer Breakdowns, and How to Prevent Them?

What are the Common Computer Breakdowns, and How to Prevent Them?

The care and maintenance of your company’s equipment are essential. A poorly managed computer failure can lead to significant economic losses, but also time and productivity. 

For this reason, in case of suffering any of the most common computer failures, it is advisable to contact a specialized technical service that can repair it.

It will not surprise you that the most common faults derive from the mechanical wear of the equipment due to use. However, there is always a logical reason computers can fail to work, whether because of malfunctioning hardware or something wrong with the software. 

It is advisable to prevent any technical problem because no matter how small the incident may seem, it can be expensive.

What are the most common computer failures?

Several computer incidents can endanger your company. As obvious as they may seem, it is essential to know them to prevent them from happening. Take note!

BIOS error messages

The BIOS is the first program to start on a computer, so it is the first check that will tell us if everything is correct or if there is some failure. If it detects any errors, it runs a POST diagnostic and displays information about the error. There are likely corrupted files if it does not recognize the operating system.


High temperature is one of the main reasons for the failure and degradation of electronic devices. Microprocessors are the elements that heat the most in a computer. It is important to remember that the higher the speed or power consumption, the more heat is produced.

Dust and particles

Dust buildup slows down component cooling by clogging fans and can even short-circuit some components.


One of the most recurring problems in many companies is that computers are getting slower and slower. It is expected that the computer will become obsolete as time goes by. The reason is that computers lag in software updates or some malicious Trojan has slipped in.

Delete a file by mistake

It is commonplace that important files are deleted. This error should be acceptable if you have configured the backups to recover the information in the same way that each user must have access only to what he needs to do his job to prevent this from happening.

Computer viruses

They are the most dangerous failures since they involve damage that can affect the computer and the equipment on the same office network. They can involve the theft of data and confidential information. Only a correct IT maintenance and backup policy can protect your company from these situations.

Tips to avoid computer incidents

Although breakdowns resulting from obsolescence are, to some extent, unavoidable, there are some measures we can take to prevent a computer disaster from causing severe damage to the company.

If you want to keep your equipment safe, you should consider our advice.

The same person must use each kit

When a single person uses a tool or system, it is proven to last longer and tends to have fewer problems. It is a factor that may not be obvious, but it is established.

Avoid blows

Even unintentional hits can result in data loss and the need to replace the drive.

Organize the wiring

Many accidents occur because the cables are poorly organized in the middle. Avoid any incident by using utensils that collect lines.

Keep your equipment clean

We have seen that dust can be harmful. Cleaning well is an obvious point that must be considered, including keeping food and drink away from the keyboard, mouse, etc.

Turn off the equipment

Please do not turn off or remove the plug from the equipment before it has been properly shut down by software. Also, please do not leave the computer unattended or disconnect an updated system from the network, as it may not turn on the operating system again.

Make backup copies

Prevent the loss of business-critical files. Implement backups regularly and make sure you keep everything under control.

Keep your hardware up to date

If you have computers going to the limit or very forced because they have less powerful hardware or are more outdated, the system will tend to last less.

Do not install incompatible software or hardware components

Always study that everything you use does not generate conflicts, and if you need to know, contact a computer technical support team to help install them.



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