Future of Application Development and Benefit from 5G

Future of Application Development and Benefit from 5G

5G technology is the one that completely revolutionizes the possibilities offered to us today by our mobile devices and the applications we use. In the past, we have seen technological leaps as necessary as the ones we are about to experience.

The first leap occurred with the irruption of smartphones in our day to day. The launch of the first iPhone and the establishment of the iPhone-Apple duopoly, along with Android-Google as the predominant operating systems, marked the beginning of the modern era of smartphones we enjoy.

The second leap occurred with the advent of 3G technology, which really allowed us to start using the internet on our mobile devices quickly. This made it easier for apps to be launched on the market, together with the first leap we discussed above that exploited this new reality that has almost reached our days.

5G, a new milestone in app development

One of the most exciting points 5G brings to the table for app developers is the possibility of creating cloud-based apps. This not only makes it easier for applications to stop using storage and the processing load of the device itself. This allows an impressive potential to be exploited for apps by processing their workload on servers that are much more powerful than the device itself.

Sectors that will move into the future thanks to 5G

Today there are technologies in the process of maturing that still need support in technological terms that they need to exploit. We were talking, for example, about virtual reality and augmented reality. Thanks to 5G, this type of technology will undoubtedly take a leap in its progress.

As data transmission speed is likely to increase significantly, technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, which require high-speed data processing, will find it easier than ever to thrive.

Other sectors that will benefit tremendously from 5G will be, for example, the Internet of Things or IoT, which will see how interconnection between all elements is facilitated in real-time. Location-based apps will start to deliver really accurate results.

The self-driving car sector will also be another big beneficiary. Thanks to a robust and fast-speed network, they will have the guarantee that one of the most promising sectors will be able to have their cars well communicated with each other.

The video game sector will be another of the great beneficiaries. We will see how the development of apps in this sense grows even more and at a much more vigorous pace. Virtual reality and augmented reality are expected to fully enter this sector. Actors as necessary as Facebook (now Meta) have already declared that the Metaverse is the future for them. Without a doubt, 5G has a lot to say in this regard.

The future of application development involves fully understanding what this new universe of applications will be like in which the user can fully immerse himself. It’s about more than just meeting the needs of the everyday use of a mobile device with an internet connection.

It is about providing an entire ecosystem of integrated applications which the user can enter and enjoy. The new reality that 5G brings is also closely linked to the virtual reality devices that companies like Meta are distributing through subsidiaries like Oculus at attractive prices to fully penetrate the market just around the corner thanks to the 5G.



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