Some Key Points to Address Digital Transformation Successfully

Some Key Points to Address Digital Transformation Successfully

Achieving a successful process in digital transformation is a substantial pending issue for companies and professionals in half the world. But the doubts, the risks, the errors, and the necessary and constant updating are still there. How to solve this situation and face the challenge? Let’s try to solve them through one of the most common habits: ask the excellent search engine for the Google passwords.

3 Google Keys

The Director of Google reveals the three conditions that must be considered to be successful in an organization’s digital transformation. Pay attention to your recommendations.

1. Create a Unique Experience

“Create a unique experience: Think about how technology can completely transform your business,” advises Clemares. In addition, he warns that we must be quick in this creative process of adapting digitization to our operations: “You have to cannibalize yourself because if you don’t do it, others will.”

The question -and it is not trivial- is, how to offer a unique experience to my client if I am already late compared to my competition? The expert tells any company where to direct their current strategies if they want to survive shortly: “Start thinking as a brand about how you will integrate with voice assistants.” This is one of the critical factors for the success of a company.

2. Add Augmented Intelligence to Everything

The treatment and management of data are other significant concerns that occupy the agenda of leaders and professionals. And it is not for less if we think of the millions of them that manage the global business fabric today. In this sense, Clemares is clear: Enter data. Intelligence increased in everything—both in the relationship with the client and in your business.

The reality is that AI has exponentially changed specific areas of the company, such as the marketing departments in which “a brutal transformation is taking place: a new marketing strategy based on personalized, automated and scaled data.”

Thanks to technology, now you can send each client a personalized message. Today, advertisers who implement strategies at scale generate revenue increases of up to 20% and reduce costs by 30%”, says the Country Manager of Google.

3. Must Break Silos 

Clemares is convinced of how fundamental it is to take the digital leap to think about how to create liquid organizations and how to make the cultural change that these require. It is very fashionable to talk about agile organizations because everything goes at a breakneck pace. That is why must break down silos; the barriers between departments must be broken, she emphasizes.

In this sense, although she recognizes that “there are small things that can do from the Human Resources departments,” the executive recalls that “must address the cultural change must address the cultural change and it has to come from the General Management because otherwise, it will not be successful.”

Convinced of the power of technology to change the world and as one of the business success factors, Clemares is also committed to attracting and retaining talent. 

That talent -increasingly scarce according to many international studies- that not only believes in transformation through digitization but also lives planetary digitization: «More than prepared for change, we have to feel ourselves in change. That is to say, with the desire to live it constantly and discover how the companies that will develop in the coming years are dealing with it and will deal with it».

Artificial Intelligence is the Fourth Revolution

In the last 30 years, we have experienced four revolutions. Overcoming the previous three, we have gone from the appearance of computers in the company in the 80s or the arrival of the internet in the 90s to experiencing a third revolution with the birth of the iPhone that “made everyone have a computer in their pocket,” according to Clemares. And he explains that “it is the mobile that forces us to remake and transform the company.”

And the fourth? « The fourth revolution has already arrived with Artificial Intelligence, accelerating the pace of technological innovation that we have never seen before.» In this sense, Clemares emphasizes two transformative AI trends: virtual voice assistants and machine learning.

What is Machine Learning? 

Before, we were based on training the machine with rules. Machines are now being told to ‘take this data, learn and find the most effective path.'” In the expert’s opinion, the priority should be from now on that all layers have this type of intelligence incorporated: “We must bet on the retraining of the company’s talents .”

Machine learning makes a whole universe of utilities available to companies specifically designed to solve complex problems “with a lot of data.” Applying it to Google, Clemares gives the example of the multinational’s data center that has reduced its cost by 40% thanks to Machine Learning algorithms.



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