Everything About the Netflix Games, Accessibility and Compatible Devices

Everything About the Netflix Games, Accessibility and Compatible Devices

Netflix Games aims to become the next addition to the world’s most popular streaming platform, Netflix. The company has begun to take its first steps into gaming, launching free mobile games available exclusively to Netflix subscribers.

Below, we will tell you everything you need to know about Netflix Games, from what it is and how to access it to the best games you can find.

What is Netflix Games?

Netflix Games is the games section of the Netflix streaming platform. The company has recently launched a selection of free mobile games that can be played exclusively through the Netflix app. The games are only available to Netflix subscribers in select countries, such as the United States.

Netflix has stated that the idea behind the games is to offer subscribers a more interactive entertainment experience. The company has been working on this idea for some time and has hired video game industry experts to lead the project.

Netflix games can be played on mobile devices without requiring additional purchases. Only a few games are available, but Netflix’s game library is set to grow over time.

How to access Netflix Games?

To access Netflix games, you must have an active Netflix subscription and download the Netflix app on your mobile device. Currently, Netflix games are only available on the Netflix mobile app, so you can’t access them from your computer or smart TV.

Once you’ve downloaded the Netflix app on your mobile device, you’ll see a games section on the home page. The games section will include a selection of games you can download and install on your mobile device. Once you’ve downloaded a game, you can play it directly from the Netflix app.

What devices is Netflix Games compatible with?

Netflix Games is currently only available on Android operating system mobile devices. Apple mobile devices with the iOS operating system, such as the iPhone and iPad, are not yet compatible with Netflix Games. Additionally, the games can only be played through the Netflix app, meaning they are only available on mobile devices, not smart TVs or computers.

Importantly, although Netflix Games is currently only available on Android mobile devices, the company has stated that it is working on expanding the games’ availability to more devices in the future. Therefore, it is possible that in the future, users of Apple devices will also be able to enjoy Netflix games.

In conclusion, if you want to enjoy Netflix games, you will need a mobile device with an Android operating system and the Netflix application installed. More devices may be added to the compatibility list, but only Android devices can now access Netflix games.

What are the best Netflix games?

Currently, there are only a few games available on Netflix Games. Below, we present some of the best games you can find on the streaming platform:

Stranger Things 1984

This game is based on the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. It is a retro adventure game in which you must solve puzzles and face enemies to advance through the story.

The Money Heist

Escape Game: This virtual escape room is based on the Netflix series La Casa de Papel. You have to solve a series of puzzles to escape from the Mint.

Shooting Hoops

A basketball game in which you have to throw the ball through a hoop. The game has different modes and allows you to unlock new characters and locations.


It’s a virtual shuffleboard game where you must throw a tile across a table to score points. The game has different modes and allows you to unlock new characters and locations.


It is an adventure game where you must help a polar bear find its way home. The game has beautiful graphics and an immersive soundtrack.



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