How Social Big Data Helps in Digital Marketing Strategy

How Social Big Data Helps in Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Big Data is a digital marketing strategy that consists of collecting, storing and analyzing the large amount of data generated on social networks to make better company decisions.

You can imagine the enormous volume of information produced on these platforms and the great value this can have when designing successful marketing strategies that convert more.

Would you be interested in putting this strategy into practice? Stay with us because, in this article, we will tell you everything about social big data. Contrary to what you may think, you can be a small company that practices this strategy and can take advantage of the data that moves through social networks.

How to develop a Social Big Data strategy

Let’s start with the most important thing: how to access, process and analyze all the data from the social network or social networks that interest us.

  1. The first step is to choose the social platforms for our Social Big Data strategy. In that sense, you will select those you are present or, if you have not yet undertaken any social media strategy, the platforms in which you plan to do so.
  2. Once you have chosen the social networks that will be the subject of your Social Big Data strategy, it is time to select the social network analysis tool to automate data collection. If we talk about Big Data, this is not a task we can do manually. The good thing is that today, there are many tools that not only collect data but also analyze it and generate clear and valuable data visualizations. SocialPilot, Social Status, Google Analytics, and Keyhole are some of these tools.
  3. However, each social media platform provides valuable information you can use in your Social Big Data strategy. It is best to complement both data sources to achieve the most complete analysis possible.
  4. To develop deeper social big data, you can use social data mining to discover patterns and trends from databases or combine different data sources using the same data mining tool.
  5. You can also contact marketing agencies that offer Social Big Data services and delegate this task to professionals outside your company.
  6. Once you have converted the data into valuable information thanks to data analysis tools and data mining, it is time to draw up your new social media strategies, implement them, and track them to determine their effect.

Benefits of Social Big Data

Deep consumer knowledge

With Social Big Data, a large amount of data can be collected from the most active platforms on the Internet. Hence, the information we can obtain about our potential clients and consumers is enormous.

This allows us to know more accurately what the tastes and needs of our audience are to create strategies with more excellent performance.

Ability to get ahead of the competition

Thanks to data mining that can be applied to Social Big Data, the data analytics team can identify patterns and trends that will create innovative strategies that help us differentiate ourselves from the competition and join new trends faster than the competition.

Deeper segmentation

By having so much information about customers and being more profound, teams can identify more subtle differences between the audience and create more specific segmentations.

This is very positive since it allows more personalized strategies to be designed for each audience segmentation and for them to adapt more to the needs of each client.

In short, social big data helps us move away from generic and mass marketing, which does not adapt to the needs of each individual.

Tips for the success of a Social Big Data strategy

As a brand, you can carry out two actions so that the data you obtain in your Social Big Data strategy is more beneficial.

  • Share data with all teams: Through data visualization, you can prepare presentations that summarize the findings detected through Social Big Data and share them with the different teams in your company. The information that can be collected in this activity is helpful for those who make decisions and those who carry out the company’s actions and develop them. This way, data can be applied in every corner of the company and at all levels.
  • Work with quality data: In the world of Big Data, quality data is that which is accurate (faithfully represents reality), complete (contains all relevant information), consistent (does not present contradiction), updated and relevant (valid for the analysis). Before undertaking a Social Big Data strategy, ensure all these points are met; otherwise, your conclusions may not be accurate. Having trained and specialized staff in big data and integrating data quality control processes and data cleaning tools helps achieve this goal.

Social Big Data vs. Social listening, are they the same?

Have you had this doubt while reading the article? If your answer is yes, don’t worry; we will solve it immediately. And if your answer is no, you would likely have asked yourself later since both terms are similar.

Although both Social Big Data and social listening consist of analyzing information about a brand on social networks, some nuances differentiate them.

While social listening is based on monitoring users’ conversations on social networks about your brand or the competition at a superficial and qualitative level, Social Big Data is a quantitative analysis of the different actions that can be taken and carried out on social networks (likes, comments, conversions, views…).

In short, social listening aims to capture users’ perception of the brand (good, bad, average…). Social Big Data is a more objective analysis of the digital trace left by users’ actions when interacting with these platforms.



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