Online Proctoring Technology: Key to Secure Online Exams

Online Proctoring Technology: Key to Secure Online Exams

Due to the evolution of technology and numerous tools, the procedure of conducting exams is changing at a rapid speed. 

Nowadays, exams are conducted online and prove that the education sector is evolving at an incredible speed as we move towards digitalization. Moreover, educational institutions are enjoying the benefits of using online proctoring software. 

Numerous educational institutions are embracing online solutions for teaching and conducting exams to achieve tremendous success. Thus, proctoring software is increasing significantly as practices of online instructions and exams are growing. 

What is Remote Proctoring?

Online remote proctoring is conducting and invigilating an exam online from any area to ensure a productive and cheat-free assessment environment. A proctored exam is handled and supervised by an AI Algorithm, human proctors, or both to maintain the integrity of the entire examination procedure.

The online proctoring software helps the entire procedure become a flexible, responsive, powerful, and sustainable procedure that can overcome the uncertainties or threats that an unforeseen disruption can offer. 

The remote proctoring software helps educational institutions manage and complete their test certification programs. The efficient online proctoring software can proctor the entire examination procedure by standardizing and automating the process.

How Does an Online Exam Proctoring Work?

Remote or online proctoring software helps monitor the entire testing procedure and identify any abnormalities within the online examination process. To execute online test proctoring successfully, it is crucial to comprehend the three methods, which are:

1. Recorded proctoring

In this method, the test-screen taken are recorded while they take the test and then examined by the assigned proctors to identify any errors.

2. Live proctoring

In this method, a proctor needs a real-time webcam to supervise or observe a particular participant. This includes looking for the surroundings before the start of the exam, along with sharing the screen while the exam is ongoing.

3. Automated proctoring

This is another kind of method that uses artificial intelligence or AI to monitor the video and audio streams of the exams for anomalies. With the advent of technology and several fantastic tools, you can quickly expect AI to have a crucial role in online proctoring, which is the secure and error-free way to conduct online exams. 

Moreover, with the help of AI, one can efficiently conduct face and voice recognition and look for anomalies in the participants, validate an identification, or even look for any inconsistencies.

How Can you Select an Efficient and Effective Online Proctoring Software?

Online proctoring software is increasing rapidly in educational institutions; hence, it is expected that you will see more use of these efficient tools in the future. So, looking for specific features in your online proctoring software is crucial.

● A mechanism for checking the authentication of the participants.

● Power to integrate the other online software.

● Securing information and data related to the examination procedures.

● Having user-friendly qualities.

● Quality to offer detailed reports regarding the exam and many more.

Therefore, there is no doubt that with the advent of technology and efficient tools like proctoring software, conducting online exams is becoming a straightforward, error-free, and secure way to assess students’ capabilities.



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