Is it OK to Extract Blackheads with Smart Tweezers?

Is it OK to Extract Blackheads with Smart Tweezers?

Button extraction, as unattractive as its name suggests, is nevertheless of real interest on the networks. On TikTok, in particular, videos of people “popping” their own pimples under the hashtag #pimplepopping continue to flow. But it’s another instrument that is enjoying some success today: tweezers that promise to extract your blackheads with alarming ease.

Tweezers capable of extracting “The Finest Acne”

Tweexer is a curved metal tweezer ending in two fine points dedicated to skin cleaning. The videos circulating demonstrate, with close-ups, the effectiveness and obvious ease of extracting the comedo with a small, controlled gesture. The tweezers, sold in packs of three, are “designed with precise tip closure and strong gripping capacity” to “easily extract blackheads and fight even the finest acne,” announces the Teppeic brand.

Extracting your blackheads could become addictive, which is probably the case for some of these Internet users.

Is tracking down your blackheads like this a good or bad idea?

But is acquiring such tweezers a good idea for taking care of your skin? 

To do a skin cleansing dermatologically, open the surface of the comedo and use a small tool to extract it. But why this clamp? What is called a blackhead remover already exists in pharmacies if you want to do it yourself. The blackhead remover does, in fact, have a pointed side to open the surface, but also another side with a small hoop to press around the comedo and make it come out.

What to do in case of too frequent blackheads?

Suppose there are too many blackheads on your face for your liking. In that case, our dermatologist invites you to receive a dermatological skin cleansing instead. “Subsequently, we can also implement a treatment by prescription, with acid creams or a retinol derivative, to refine the skin texture and tighten the pores. Or a treatment by therapeutic procedure, such as a peel”.

It acts perhaps less “fun” or satisfying than gently extracting each blackhead, but it is better for the health of your skin.



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