Benefits of Washing Feet With Vinegar Water

Benefits of Washing Feet With Vinegar Water

We usually pay attention to our soles when the warm season is approaching and wear sandals. But what if you prepared ahead of time this year and reduced the risks of eczema, sweating and cracked skin? 

According to the calendar, there are still a few days before spring will settle in our country. On this occasion, ladies and young ladies will take even more care of their physical appearance. Therefore, we suggest you include baths with water and vinegar. Here’s how they’ll help you!

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What do vinegar and water baths do? 

During this period, your feet deserve more attention from you. Vinegar baths prevent and treat some dermatological problems. Find out what they are: 

1. Eczema – One of the dermatological problems that can affect children and adults is eczema. This fungal infection, which targets the feet, especially the soles and the spaces between the toes, can lead to uncomfortable conditions such as dry skin, persistent itching and, in severe cases, inflammation accompanied by blisters. 

How vinegar water helps: The antifungal properties of vinegar relieve symptoms, dry skin, and itching, as the acetic acid in vinegar helps kill the fungus responsible for this problem. Vinegar also reduces the progression of infection and the formation of blisters and inflammation. 

2. Sweat – Foot odour results from sweat and bacteria, an uncomfortable olfactory experience.

How vinegar water helps: Vinegar naturally has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it a good ally in the fight against odour. Acetic acid acts as a natural deodorant, breaking down the compounds responsible for the unpleasant odour. 

3. Cracked heels – Besides being unsightly, cracked heels can be painful, and vinegar will help you heal them. 

How vinegar water helps: The acidity in vinegar hydrates the feet, making it a natural alternative to commercial creams. Suppose you incorporate this remedy into your routine. In that case, the skin will become smoother, and the discomfort of cracked skin will be alleviated.

What should you do?

Soak your feet in 2 cups of warm water and 1 cup of vinegar, and leave your feet in this water for 10-20 minutes. Finally, rinse your feet with warm water and dry with a towel. For optimal results, it is good to repeat this procedure daily until you notice that the symptoms disappear.

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