Is ChatGPT Really Useful? What to Do if ChatGPT No Longer Works?

Is ChatGPT Really Useful? What to Do if ChatGPT No Longer Works?

Having trouble launching ChatGPT from your browser? You may not be able to access the platform. You can use this guide to see if ChatGPT is down for you or others and what to do.

ChatGPT Should be Available 

Use Twitter, the Downdetector site (a third-party website), or the official OpenAI status page to see if ChatGPT is unavailable.

Option 1 Use OpenAI Status

OpenAI Status lets you check if ChatGPT is working. This is the official ChatGPT website that notifies you of any platform issues.

You can check the current status of ChatGPT features by visiting the site. If you see any issues listed here, that may be why you cannot access the platform.

OpenAI Status – The site

The ChatGPT server team is responsible for resolving any issues that may arise. As such, there’s little you can do to help.

Option 2: Use Downdetector 

If you want to know if ChatGPT is down, visit the OpenAI site on Downdetector. This site relies on issues reported by users to determine whether a platform has problems.

ChatGPT status for Downdetector

ChatGPT may be unavailable to you due to issues listed on this page.

Option 3: Use Twitter

If a popular chat platform like ChatGPT is having issues, users are likely to discuss it on social media. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms for reporting user issues.

OpenAI has an official Twitter account. You can also search “ChatGPTdown” on Twitter to see what other people have said about this issue.

What to do if ChatGPT no longer works?

What should you do now that ChatGPT seems to be down? OpenAI should fix the problem. In the meantime, you can do a few things.

Make time for yourself

Wait for OpenAI, the company responsible for the service, to repair and restore ChatGPT.

In the meantime, refresh your web browser and see if the site is back online. ChatGPT may offer a way to be notified when a site is back online.

Use Bing AI instead of ChatGPT

If you can’t talk to ChatGPT, use a backend service like Bing AI Chat, which uses GPT 4 for its backend. ChatGPT can be used even if its site is down. Bing offers GPT 4 for free, a version you cannot access on ChatGPT unless you pay a fee. Bing also lets you create images.

You can use other AI chatbots if you don’t like Bing’s AI.

Why not learn the art of AI yourself?

Advancements in AI are not limited to text. While ChatGPT is down, we’ll feature an AI art maker who can create images of anything.

These tools create a photo based on that request by entering a description of the type of image you want. Midjourney is a good example.

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