Why Should Digital Marketers or Freelancers Have an Internet Presence

Why Should Digital Marketers or Freelancers Have an Internet Presence

Digital Marketing experts give five reasons why a presence on the Internet is necessary so that freelancers and small businesses do not end up disappearing.

For years, digital experts have warned of the importance of a digital presence for businesses to reach a larger audience and increase sales. 

However, nowadays, being present on the Internet is no longer an option. According to different studies, 90% of the economy will be digital within less than two decades, so those activities that have not found a niche on the Internet will have a severe risk of disappearing.

Over time, that phrase ” if you’re not on the Internet, you don’t exist ” has become an indisputable truth. Digital Marketing and social media professionals warn that digital presence is the best tool for freelancers and SMEs to show their products and services. 

And those who do not have these technologies will start with a disadvantage compared to all the competition that could cost them even permanence in the market.

If all the big brands have their website on the Internet and are easy to find on Instagram or Facebook, this becomes essential for a small business -which usually has less reach. Here, experts offer five reasons why freelancers should have their own space on the Internet for those who still don’t understand what digital presence is and why it’s so important.

Five reasons why freelancers have to be present on the Internet

1. Improvement of the Brand Image

When we are on the network, people have three times the chance to know what we do or what items we sell. This, which is essential for making conversions, allows us to launch our collections and positions us against the competition.

2. Range Increase

Do you know how many people you can reach from the Internet? The increase in the scope of our brand becomes completely incomprehensible when we are in countries like Japan, Mexico or the United States. This, which seems like a joke for a small business, will become a dream come true with a good strategy.

3. Endless Presence

Internet does not close. Anyone who wants to make themselves known without evaluating a time slot for advertising has a unique opportunity by creating social profiles or a web page from which they talk about their business, comment on what they sell and at what price their products are.

4. Adapted to the New Generations

The new generations will be 100% digital. If the strong push that the Internet has had in our lives has already been noticed in recent years, this can only get worse with time. The traditional promotion channels threaten to become extinct and, if a self-employed person does not adapt their business to what is coming, they will also cease to exist.

5. Increased Sales

One thing leads to another. Suppose the strategy of an Internet business is effective. In that case, there will also be an increase in the sales of the products, since, today, 97% of people search for their articles and information through the Internet.

What Content Management System do the Specialists Suggest?

To increase the presence of a business on the Internet and make good product conversions, it is essential to know which is the best CMS with which to manage and create content on a web page. 

According to experts, the most recommended is WordPress, which accumulates 39.5% of the sites created on the network.

It is an open-source manager with a simple and incredibly versatile installation, no matter what you want to build, because it offers an almost endless range of options. In addition, it is designed so that those who do not know to program can also have and manage a website.

Compared to other well-known managers, such as Joomla, Drupal and Blogger, freelancers who want to manage their content and page themselves, it is best to have this manager from the beginning, which most consultants recommend as Fontela, an expert in WordPress.

The success of this CMS is due, among many other things, to the power of adaptation that it has for each of the projects. It is entirely tangible and left behind when you had to enter the code from scratch and then fix and build the web page.

As you can see, the digital presence for a business is not just about putting the name on the Internet, and the sales start coming. The strategy begins with the platform from which will launch the brand. 

Those freelancers looking to build an online site but don’t even know where to start can look at the advantages of the WordPress content management system, what is being said about it and why there are experts as established as Fontela who recommend it for above the others.



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