5 Reasons to Create your Start-up in Developing Countries

5 Reasons to Create your Start-up in Developing Countries

Many Developing Countries has recently become an essential focus for creating new companies and the technological world. While many minds still think of cities like San Francisco, London, or even Tel Aviv, many start-ups develop in Spain and other developing countries. 

This boom shows that developing countries are competitive players at a technological level. Entrepreneurs and investors have been turning to the peninsula and its islands to build their projects for some time now.

We give you the five reasons why your start-up has to be created in developing countries and become the next successful company: 

1. Personal and Professional Reconciliation

Everyone knows that the sun makes us happier. And who doesn’t want to be in a place that makes us happy? With this pleasant weather, you can go directly from the office to the beach/pool to sunbathe, enjoying free time with your friends and family. Spain is considered the second country that spends more time on leisure activities (including meals and sleeping hours) according to the Quality of Life Index of the Organization for Cooperation and Development (OECD).

2. The Cost

The economic crisis has hit developing countries hard. This, unfortunately, meant that many businesses went bankrupt, and the unemployment figures increased with a rate of over 21% unemployment. But this crisis has made us all more innovative. There are cheaper general costs than other countries and essential tax deductions, which facilitate the procedures for many entrepreneurs. In addition, professionals are more motivated!

3. A Great Talent

Since Spain has such a pleasant climate and is not expensive, this has meant an increase in international talent. Whether from the EU or outside, the Spanish way of life is appealing to many. There is, therefore, an increase in talented developers, SEO strategists, graphic designers, editors and account executives flocking to developing countries for tech jobs.

4. The Capital of Start-ups

Barcelona and Madrid have generated many new companies in recent years, and Wired Magazine has named Barcelona as one of the capitals of the essential start-ups in Europe. It is not surprising that the Government of Catalonia has a website dedicated to start-ups and that it is the headquarters of the world-renowned Mobile World Congress. So if you want to be surrounded by entrepreneurs and technology experts, Barcelona is the ideal place.

5. The Government Can Help You

Setting up a company in developing countries is relatively simple. If your company aims to innovate, promote industrial business, improve technology or expand and create jobs, the Government will probably help you with funds to stimulate the economy. Local, regional or national authorities give these subsidies.



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