How to Write a Meta Description to Increase Site Rankings

How to Write a Meta Description to Increase Site Rankings

The ability that any meta description has to become an essential source of clicks within any web page. It is one of the qualitative aspects of SEO to which few authors have dedicated space in recent years. However, knowing how to write a meta description indeed includes influencing your positioning in the search lists.

It will be the particular criterion and the critical eye of the reader or user. Who will ultimately decide whether or not to access the information provided by our link ? Understanding the mechanisms that favor this type of elective activity rests immediately on the well-known principles of copywriting or persuasive writing.

Based on all this, it is possible to affirm that all snippets, to be functional, must meet both criteria coherently and effectively. On the one hand, you must be able to take advantage of the assistance of a keyword. To achieve a prominent position in the world’s top search engines list.

Once there, you must comply with all informational sales and marketing parameters so that a good part of the visitor traffic appreciates our site as more than just a company or a service. But as a genuine and authentic product.

The main differences between the meta title and meta description: An essential element for increasing the Click Through Rate.

From Google’s perspective, it can be defined as Clicks per Ratings or CTR. As the quotient between the proportion of clicks that our link receives. Against the number of times it appears within any results list or SERP. Although obtaining from said calculation seems to be an extremely complex act at first sight.

The truth is that we can extract this information through our account registration in Google Search Console. By consulting the Search Analytics option within the Search Traffic menu and obtaining a value above the average of 30%.

 The main differences between the meta title and meta description: An essential element for increasing the Click Through Rate

How to Write the Meta Description Well? 

It will indicate that our Snippet is raising an excellent position within the Google lists. When said record is less than 15%, it is evidence that the Snippets optimization process needs to be carried out promptly and urgently.

Therefore, the optimization process must be carried out on the three meta tags using a preferably top-down working method. We are focusing first on the meta title.

The keyword constitutes a fundamental element within all this, the only reason in common which all the informative features must include.

The most notable difference between systems is found in the first instance in their same length. Among which is considered an appreciation of between 65 and 70 characters as a standard measure. And twice as many, that is, 165 characters for its description. The second factor under which the success of a compelling meta description is applied. It is that, unlike the meta title, this one directs its message to the consumer. Leaving aside the SEO registry of which the meta title is part.

How to Write a Meta Description? The AIDA Marketing Technique  

Due to the infinite variety of offers available on the web. However, it is impossible to create an exclusive work pattern that every web entrepreneur can adhere to due to its role in the sales process. Suppose it is possible to ensure that every meta description must comply with the primary laws of digital marketing.

How to write the Meta Description well? Denominated under the name of Model AIDA, it is a work protocol developed by Elías St. Elmo Lewis in the year 1898 and which today enjoys significant acceptance and assistance.

Its stages focus on selling a product described under the exact terms of Attention, Desire, Interest, and Call to action.

Distributing these four principles on each of the existing meta descriptions is a matter of progressive practical application and the management of preparation and control tools that encourage the reader to understand the website that we manage.

It contains all the necessary elements to satisfy your requirements and needs. Usually, about 155 characters are available for the work and finishing of it all. Overcoming this extension is factor that will make the SEO plugin limit itself to the use of ellipses at the end of its preview. Should avoid this fact should prevent due to the little credibility offered by said text provision.

  1. Capturing Attention and the Main Parameters to Carry it Out

It represents the root point of any meta description, which can be interpreted as the header on which the subsequent effectiveness of the remaining sentences is based and will rest. It is conceptually composed of space no more significant than ten words, which aims to describe the service or company you want to offer. Essentially, it is possible as a complement to use graphic format artifacts in it. Like capitals and bold to highlight the header above the rest of the components.

How to write the Meta Description well? On the other hand, adding elements such as emoticons, emojis, and rich snippets can help Google interpret these results differently. Quickly capable of snatching essential seconds of your time from the reader.

In addition to all these elements, the competition analysis is a previous step that is not omitted in its entirety. Knowing how to write a meta description involves looking at the features proposed by other companies—associated with the branch in which we want to work before creating this entire advertising system.

The phase of capturing attention must be able to answer the following question for the user: What does our product consist of? An adequate meta description will allow users to know the various reasons that distinguish our company from among the lists of familiar regularity.

  1. The Maintenance of Interest. Tips for Achieving a Compelling Meta Description

In this phase, you play a little with the subjective aspects of the reader. Therefore, they must invite them to be part of a system, a movement, or an activity. You should be a part of a trend in your area as soon as possible. Always dependent on the case of a  particular company or product.

An ideal way to maintain the reader’s interest will be through the excellent use of ellipses. A superb weapon only if it is used in favor of preserving semantics.

Should take care that the relevant information is shown only in part. So that the very sensation of curiosity leads the Internet user to enter our website.

There must be an apparent argument coherence within the process of knowing how to write a meta description—based on the content promised to be displayed and the content that exists on our page.

The absence of these elements can make the reader feel a feeling of unease by not getting what they are looking for.

A feature under which our Snippet will be able to get your click. It will not be able to retain the user who left the page in a few seconds. Google has a setting that will be aware of this. In addition, it will be complex under these conditions that the same reader returns to the site on subsequent search occasions.

  1. All the Keys to Creating a Need

On a technical level, this segment can be defined as a compendium of ordered sentences, which fulfill the function of delivering to the visitor all the necessary data for the following decision-making and purchase. An essential feature of this is that its reflected value should emphasize the benefits and advantages that the product will offer the consumer. Hyperbole is a figure of speech that should be avoided when knowing how to write a meta description.

This, in addition to creating a high margin of subjectivity, could leave the reader indifferent. Describing the company’s particular national characteristics and mannerisms is another element that can play in opposition to these elements. This is due to the multicultural international public on which the webspace is being worked.

Including phrases like “ limited offer,” “24-hour delivery,” “join the team,” and “get your coupon”  proves to be a functional alternative. Also, each proposal will provide significant effectiveness by including numerical elements such as figures, percentages, discount values, prices, and opening hours—all based on the speed and credibility of these quantifiable aspects.

The different copywriting techniques include offering a product as a general solution. They also solve the doubts of the Internet user when the element to be delivered mainly unknown to the client, mainly in terms of factors such as its components, recommendations for its best use, and its different modes of usage.

  1.  All the Power of “Calls to Action” Within an Effective Marketing Strategy

It is generally the component that occupies a definitive position within the body of the meta description. It serves the purpose of being the closing of our short sales letter. A space in which it seeks to create a strong impact or resonance on the already captured reader.

The use of verbs should preferably be in the imperative state. Always to guide the reader in their access to our portal. They are comfortably offering you a clear indication of how you should act later.

In this case, the entrepreneur must take an active role in the communication process. They are making the user fully aware that his information needs will be satisfied.

The prior use of this “ call to action ”  in the title is a vitally important element. The only case under which such part should be omitted from any meta description in general. Regarding the chronic issues. 



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