What is Video Marketing, How to Utilize it and Benefits of Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing, How to Utilize it and Benefits of Video Marketing

If your brand has an online presence,  video marketing will help you boost it. Video content is becoming easier to produce (even for free) and is very popular with users.

The idea of ​​incorporating videos into your marketing strategy is not new, and however, the importance of video marketing is. Today, the video strategy must be central to any company that wants to reach new audiences and multiply its sales, especially at the social media level. We analyze what video marketing is and apply it to your business.

What is video marketing, and why should you use it?

Video marketing uses videos to publicize, position, promote and sell a brand, product or service. Within the world of digital marketing, we can understand video as one more piece of a brand’s content strategy.

For brands, video marketing is a potent tool when it comes to achieving their business objectives, and the data shows it:

The video format supports many variations depending on the characteristics and goals of the brand. These are just a few examples of types of videos that you can incorporate into your video marketing plan.

The evolution of video marketing over the last few years has been spectacular. Although less than five years ago, it was just another tactic within the generation of content, as of 2022 and 2021, video has become a central point in any marketing strategy. 

How to do a video marketing campaign?

Content marketing is a trend that has already become the focus of most digital marketing strategies that build businesses, complemented by other actions such as campaigns Adwords and SEO on-page. 

We already know that we have to write relevant, original and well-constructed texts, but how to make an effective video marketing campaign? 

If you want your online marketing strategy to be as complete as possible, do not lose sight of these tips to make marketing videos that the viewer does not skip to see the following video.

Why video marketing is a trend

What is video marketing? Let’s think that “content is king”. We will understand that video marketing is an online marketing that shows messages and content in audiovisual format from the website itself or other platforms such as YouTube. 

If you have doubts about the effectiveness of video marketing, we will give you some figures: YouTube has more than 1,900 million monthly active users. This is roughly almost half of the Internet users in the world. 

Half! And these users watch, on average, about 1,000 videos daily. Therefore, let’s not think it is a social network where adolescents see other adolescents playing video games or putting on makeup. 

It does not fit the profile of our company because we will be making mistakes.

Video marketing strategies 

Creating videos and sharing them on social networks is the most popular video marketing strategy. These videos, in turn, should direct users toward company-defined goals. 

Before launching any video marketing campaign, it is essential to define the main objective that the campaign will achieve (achieve more sales, more downloads, more followers, and improve the company’s branding.  

Focus on the video Story

There is a lot of sales noise on the Internet that actively annoys and repels customers. 

The video nugget should focus on the story and not the sale. The same rules that apply to written content marketing apply to video marketing: The primary goal is to deliver value to customers consistently.

Use humour in your video

According to Tim Washer, Cisco’s social media manager, “Often in the corporate world, people get nervous about comedy and say they don’t belong in the business world. 

But if it could help you understand concepts efficiently and economically, why not give it a try? Give it a try and see if you can make it work.

Answer the questions of your audience 

Indeed through your blog and social networks, your customers ask you things. For example, if you sell clothes online, they will want to know how to calculate their size; or clean a ‘nubuck’ leather bag. Please look at what they ask you and answer them with a video.

Educate your customers

Did you know that 65% of your audience are visual learners? One of the most powerful methods for video marketing is educating your audience. And the best part is that education comes in many forms. 

Review your products 

If you wonder how to do a video marketing campaign, you can answer yourself by thinking about your product. 

Is there something you offer that people want to know in depth because of its complexity or originality? Do you have a star product or that nobody else has? Talk about it.

Advantages of video marketing 

Most users like video over other types of content indicates that they will pay more awareness to your messages if they appear in this format. 

For example, it has been proven that the word video in the subject of a newsletter improves opening rates by 19%. 

Videos are not just excellent marketing material for social networks: they also reveal favourable results for sales teams, who can offer a product or service in this kind of structure.



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