Attractive Mail Subjects [Examples] for Email Marketing

Attractive Mail Subjects [Examples] for Email Marketing

The subject line is one of the most essential parts of your email marketing strategy. This text will be the first thing the recipient will see when they receive the message in their inbox, and its attractiveness will depend (in large part) on whether the email is opened or not.

If a subject line is well designed, the open rate of your email campaign will skyrocket, and so will the conversion chances.

To help you achieve success in your strategy, we have prepared some examples of email marketing subjects that work very well so that you can also use them or be inspired by them.

1. It causes a sense of scarcity or imminence

Do you know the scarcity principle? It is a fundamental principle in human psychology that states that people tend to give more excellent value to products, services or goods that are difficult to obtain or that are limited.

In marketing, this principle is widely used to get potential customers to convert more quickly by giving more value to what is being sold. The subject of an email can be an example of a practical application of this principle.

However, this sense of scarcity or imminence is also practical in awakening or accelerating the appearance of the so-called FOMO. The “fear of missing out” or the “fear of missing out” is a feeling of concern about missing out on something closely related to young people and increased by social networks. Marketing strategists also use it a lot to their advantage to ensure that customers do not want to miss out on their offer.

These are some examples of subject lines for email marketing that will cause scarcity or imminence in your audience:

  • “Only 10 units left”
  • “Get the limited edition of…”
  • “Last places for the group trip to…”
  • “Last day to enjoy the premium version.”

2. Awaken curiosity

Creating mystery, surprise and intrigue in the recipient of the email is one of the best ways to make them feel interested in discovering what is behind the subject.

Furthermore, these types of subjects also manage to generate fun and positive emotions in the user, which makes them even more willing to open the email.

If you can’t think of how you can generate that effect on your audience, here are some ideas:

  • “What no one has told you about…”
  • “The best-kept secret of…”
  • “The 5 things you didn’t know about…”
  • “Click to discover the surprise.”

3. Use humor

One of the best subject lines for email marketing makes your audience smile (or laugh). Because? Well, for different reasons.

First, because the truth is that it is used sparingly, it will stand out in the recipient’s inbox. In that sense, accompanying it with funny emoticons can also help.

Second, as with the feeling of curiosity, humour provokes positive emotions in human beings, making them more predisposed and interested in discovering the content of the email.

But, above all, and more importantly, humour can make a marketing message less invasive and direct, making the person less reluctant to open it. Here are some examples of email marketing subject lines with a touch of humour:

  • “This is better than (funny alternative related to your industry).”
  • “We are not perfect; our offers are.”
  • “I miss you from your shopping cart.”
  • “In Houston, they have problems in (name of your brand) discounts.”

4. Appeal to vanity

Another technique that also works really well is to appeal to the desires of our audience, but those that are related to image, social recognition and status.

And everyone is interested in improving in at least one of these aspects, so referring to it in our matter is going to have a significant effect.

With this option, what we want is for the user to feel that, when they open the email, they will be able to be a better version of themselves and improve.

Another way to appeal to vanity is to make the recipient feel like a unique member of our community.

Here are some examples in case you are a little lost:

  • “Transform your life/routine/day to day with…”
  • “Only for clients like you.”
  • “What do you need to improve (something related to your sector).”
  • “Our selection of the best products”

5. Solve laziness

In this section on the best subjects for email marketing, we suggest that you focus on how easy it is to get your products to satisfy a specific need.

Many times, customers want to solve something. They like your product, but they need to think about everything they have to do to achieve it: register on your website, look for the confirmation email, and be at home to receive the shipment… Your mission here is to show them in the subject of the email that all this is easier than they think or that it is optional to do it. Here are some examples of email marketing subjects to inspire you:

  • “Get (product/service) in one click”
  • “Achieve (goal) without leaving the couch.”
  • “We do (something related to your brand) for you.”
  • “At your house in 24 hours”

6. Personalize

When we talk about personalizing the subject, we mean both including the recipient’s name and adding other details that are related to their journey as a customer.

That is, if a user has visited a specific page on your website, for example, the one about products such as facial creams, you can send them an email with a subject like “Our discounted creams.”

Personalizing emails is one of the best ways to achieve conversions. On the one hand, you will make the client feel that he is not one of the others, and on the other hand, you will send him messages that really interest him based on his actions.

Automation can be created to activate this type of email.

7. Solve problems and challenges

Something that never fails is to highlight the problem that your product is going to solve for the user. That’s why this is one of the best subject lines for email marketing. And not only for that but for all types of content that you generate as a brand.

These are some examples of email marketing subjects that go in this direction:

  • “Problems with (aspect related to your sector)? We bring you the solution.”
  • “How to improve (aspect related to your sector) with (your brand)”
  • “Achieve (aspect related to your sector) effortlessly”
  • “Tips for…”

8. Announce discounts

Without a doubt, discounts and promotions are a great attraction that you cannot stop using in your affairs since they will get many more users to open your email.

This message will encourage the recipients of the email to take the action they want: to open the message and visit your website to get products or services because they are at a better price.

Therefore, whenever you send discounts or promotions, it is highly recommended that you use email marketing within your strategy since excellent results are obtained.

Furthermore, combine this in the matter with what we mentioned in the first section about the sense of urgency. You will enhance your results even more.

We also leave you some examples of subjects for email marketing in this case:

  • “Lightning offer: get 2 and pay 1.”
  • “Discount code on your next purchase”
  • “30% off the entire catalogue today only.”
  • “Take our survey and get 40%.”

9. Communicate news

This is something that will work very well, especially with users who have already purchased several times in your store and know you. This type of customer is already very interested in your brand, so knowing what your new products or services are is something that will awaken their interest.

However, it may not work as well on new users who have never purchased before or have purchased only once. We leave you ideas:

  • “Surprise! New range of (product from your store).”
  • “Fresh news: the new ones are now available (product from your store).”
  • “The new team member: (name of new product)”
  • “Be the first to know the news.”

10. Use seasonal marketing techniques

This is one of the examples of email marketing subjects that will only work at certain times of the year, but its results are tremendously positive.

Seasonal marketing consists of taking advantage of notable moments of the year to promote products or services by making the message of our campaign revolve around that holiday or celebration.

Seasonal marketing is partly to blame for the fact that at times like Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, purchases skyrocket.

Here are some examples of email marketing subjects that can inspire you for your seasonal marketing campaigns:

  • “Bloom like spring with (your product).”
  • “This Christmas, don’t be the Grinch and…”
  • “Love is in the (name of your brand)”
  • “Are you ready to go back to school?”


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