What are the Main Cyber Threats in 2022 – Cybersecurity

What are the Main Cyber Threats in 2022 – Cybersecurity

2020 and 2021 were very dark years for cybersecurity. These two years, we have witnessed a significant increase in cyberattacks worldwide. 

This increase in attacks is directly related to the pandemic. For this reason, companies, organizations and countries are rearming themselves day by day to protect themselves from the different cyber threats that may appear at any time.

Cyber Threats in 2022

The main cyber threats that users, organizations, countries or companies may face are mainly 6:

Cold War 2.0

The Soviet Union and the United States waged a hybrid war for years. This hybrid war has morphed into a cyberwar. In recent times, some governments have orchestrated cyberattacks to attack governments of the other bloc politically.

Russia, Iran, the United States and Israel have been accused in the last two years of carrying out a multitude of attacks of all kinds towards government platforms, which is why they are defined as one of the significant cyber threats of 2022.

Security Gaps

Security breaches can be a big problem for companies and organizations, as well as for users. Cybercriminals take advantage of any gap or weakness to attack. Companies will have to rethink their cybersecurity strategy and secure their defences well. These cyberattacks can be significant and challenging to solve.

Cyberthreats Fake News

The increase in fake news is more than evident in recent times. Social networks have become their favourite means of making themselves known and thus creating cyber threats. Fake news can cause enormous damage to companies, citizens and countries. In times of pandemic, they have experienced a worrying growth that is already translating into a proliferation of hoaxes and false news.

Attacks on Cryptocurrencies 

The cryptocurrency boom in recent years has spread rapidly, and this circumstance has increased the number of cases of stolen cryptocurrencies or scams. By becoming such a popular product, it has drawn the attention of cybercriminals. These attacks increase year after year; however, we must also be very aware of thefts through NFT technology, which mainly focuses on the already widespread use of mobile phones to pay. A method of theft is also a trend.


Telecommuting has become, for many workers, a result of the pandemic, a way of life. This way of working has led to a significant increase in cyberattacks on employee systems that endanger company data.

These attacks occur on company mobile devices or work computers, with the primary goal of stealing confidential company data, accessing company accounts, and selling these privileged credentials.

For this reason, many companies have begun to protect themselves by hiring specialized personnel or entering into agreements with companies specialized in cybersecurity to protect the most sensitive data.

Defense Tools to Conduct Attacks

This is considered one of the worst cyber threats since defence tools are designed to protect companies, but cybercriminals have found ways to attack these systems. Its method of acting is based on customizing essential tools of these applications to your liking and executing them with ransomware attacks.

In short, this 2022, we are facing some of the classic cyber threats in the sector, although, as happens every year, they are updated almost daily. This increasingly complicates the protection of our data or the privileged data that companies and organizations can handle.



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