What are Mission and Vision of a Company: And How to Make Them?

What are Mission and Vision of a Company: And How to Make Them?

The mission and vision of a company are part of its very identity. It is possible to build the organizational culture, and different strategies are put in place to meet business objectives. 

Next, we will discuss some definitions that will guide you in moments of full development and crises. Therefore, continue reading to know how you can and should write the mission and vision of a company.

Mission and Vision of a Company- Definition

Before starting to talk about the steps to design and carry out the mission and vision of a company, it is essential to know the meaning of each concept:


A company’s mission represents its purpose for existing and its commitment. In theory, it is what defines the role of a company in society; this purpose must be a sustainable element over time. Its objective is to inspire those who determine and plan the company’s direction. 

And, on the other hand, to the collaborators who will dedicate their time and efforts to achieve the established commercial goals.

Based on a well-written mission statement, potential customers will recognize a brand and thus easily associate it with a particular product or service. 

This process of recognition by the target audience is called Brand awareness.


The vision of a company is related to its future. What are the permanent objectives of the company? Where do you want to go? You could say that an organization’s vision is a light or beacon. A guide that represents the focus where all resources and efforts are invested.

In general, those responsible for the dynamics to develop the mission and vision of an organization are its directors or founders. In short, those who envision a course and know how far they want to go. should note that to write the mission and vision of a company, it is essential to think about the social, financial, human, and cultural aspects, among others.

Why Are They So Important?

The statements outlined in a company’s mission and vision create a common ground. For this to happen, employees must understand the mission and vision at all times. 

Even starting from the basis that the premise of ‘think big’ is appropriate when formulating these statements. In short, the goal should be or appear to be attainable because this is the only possible way to motivate the company’s workforce and demand the joint realization of the plan.

Differences Between Mission and Vision

First of all, a company’s mission represents what its fixed and central purpose is. In other words, it reveals why such a company exists in the market. 

Therefore, it will permanently be anchored in the present and rarely be modified. Its objective is to unite people around a familiar feeling, both customers and employees.

On the other hand, a company’s vision represents its stated goals and aspirations. Its general purpose is to guide strategic decisions. 

As we already mentioned, it is something with a future vision, that is, focused on the effects that today’s actions can generate in a few months, years, or decades. And, of course, can change it according to the needs of the organization.

How do you Elaborate on the Mission and Vision of a Company?

Having all the knowledge of these concepts, it is time to learn how to carry out a business mission and vision. Follow the step by step below to create your best phrases:

Define and Establish the Values ​​of your Company

Describe and explain what motivated you to create your company, services, and products. This step is explicitly part of the quest.

Describe and explain how you envision your company’s future and what are the objectives and goals you want to achieve. This step is explicitly part of the vision.

  • Ask for the opinion of your trusted people.
  • Please share with your customers, employees, and suppliers and listen carefully to what they say.
  • Design, structure, and elaborate the mission and vision of your company so that you and your employees are focused on the company’s goals. 
  • Having these well-defined concepts will allow you to have a much stronger and more defined business image.


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