Ways to Detect Hidden Cameras in Accommodations

Ways to Detect Hidden Cameras in Accommodations

For most of us, hidden cameras are the stuff of film. However, when we vacation in a hotel or rental house, we can discover an unpleasant surprise. that could compromise our privacy.

In the middle of 2022, buying a tiny camera was very easy and cheap, and due to their millimeters, they could hide anywhere. But nobody thinks he will be the victim of such a violation of privacy. 

The reasons that can lead someone to spy can range from a practical joke from a family member to extortion from a criminal. 

From Kaspersky they share some tips to locate those hidden cameras:

Buy special equipment: There are electromagnetic radiation detectors, optical detectors, and other equipment to detect hidden cameras at the user level. Can find the cheapest can find the most affordable.

The most common places for hidden cameras are bathrooms and bedrooms due to the sharp images that they can obtain. The most common hiding places are smoke detectors and appliances, paintings, clocks, vases, and other decorative objects.

Use an app: The mobile applications used for this purpose fall into two categories. The first group finds the camera by lens flare, as in the previous method. 

An example is Glint Finder, which helps us detect the glare or flash of the lenses. In the second group are applications designed to search for wireless spy devices. 

They require a connection to a local Wi-Fi network and show all connected devices after scanning the router. There are specific tools that help distinguish harmless computers from tracking devices. The positive of this alternative is that it is free. 

However, it will not work with somewhat older devices or on public or crowded Wi-Fi networks such as those in hotels.

Use your smartphone: Another free alternative, instead of buying specific equipment, is to use a mobile camera and flashlight. The method is to leave the room in the dark, turn on the flashlight and the camera, and point where we think the hidden camera may be. 

If we are correct, we will see a glow on our screen where the spy camera is. Also, many of these cameras use infrared lighting to record their images in the dark, so our camera will receive it as a flickering dot. This method is not the most exhaustive, but we can do a superficial sweep.

Hire a professional team: If you suspect that there may be cameras where you will stay for a while, it is safest to hire an expert team. Some people are dedicated to this in almost every city, and you can find them through Craigslist and other websites. 

The advantages of this option are, without a doubt, the efficiency and confidence of the professionalism in case you have clear suspicions that there could be a camera in your accommodation.

You have already followed any of these methods and found a hidden camera. What should you do? Experts recommend taking a picture of it and doing an image search since it may not be what we think. If your suspicions are confirmed, you should go to the Police. 

The rules of sites like Airbnb explicitly prohibit hidden cameras, so you may be able to get your money back and relocate somewhere else.



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