Tips to Protect your Passwords Against Malware Attacks

Tips to Protect your Passwords Against Malware Attacks

The malware seeks to give attackers control of the device, being able to divert sensitive information and account credentials. 

According to CheckPoint’s 2021 Mobile Security Report, virtually every business in the world experienced a malware attack in the past year.

The digitization of processes in entities and daily society has facilitated and automated many tasks, optimizing the time spent on each. 

This has caused cyberattacks and the risk of suffering them to increase, with SMEs being one of the most likely groups since, in 2021, more than 100 attempts were detected every minute to exploit the vulnerability of SMEs, as collected in the Global Risks Report 2022 of the World Economic Forum.

In this sense, password protection plays a crucial role in ensuring greater security of credentials in the browser, which changes some practices that are carried out regularly. From Baufest, they review four tips to protect passwords against malware attacks, focusing on how to act in case of credential theft.

Type of passwords: It is recommended to create passwords that are easy to remember and impossible to guess, in which numbers and characters are mixed with quotes from books, parts of songs… or any other aspect that makes it difficult.

Password storage: Saving passwords is one of the most insecure techniques since not only can they be discovered by anyone who has access to the computer, but they are also usually, in many browsers, written in the form of a list without any encryption of these. 

It is best to store it in a password manager, which can be accessed at the right time and only by the user.

Autocomplete function in the browser. Although it is helpful to use storage tools that guarantee security, you should avoid the autocomplete function in the browser. 

The main reason is that browsers protect users’ most sensitive information in an insecure manner, making it very vulnerable to phishing attacks and fraudulent pages.

Quick change before the theft: When detecting a credential theft, it is essential to act quickly, changing it and reporting the fraud whenever possible.



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