How to Create a Successful Team Managing Strategy

How to Create a Successful Team Managing Strategy

There are always opportunities for positive things to happen. And one of them responds to the specific possibility of accessing professional talent regardless of the distance or geographical location where it is located.

The wide acceptance that teleworking has had since the pandemic forced the generation of efficient solutions to deal with confinement and social distance. 

Companies that need professionals to fill positions that do not require physical presence can develop a strategy without borders to acquire specialized talent. and be highly qualified. 

This, in addition to increasing the diversity of the organization, is increasingly easier given the facilities provided by the remote work modality supported by technological solutions and a management that is increasingly accustomed to this work dynamic.

However, how to carry out a successful strategy when talent that is scarce in a particular city or region is required? For our specialists, there are some keys to consider:

Team Ready

An international strategy to incorporate new talent into the company first requires that the company’s team and management assume a commitment to an action of this type. This implies more preliminary work to the extent that the organization presents a more traditional management profile since performance may be affected by not having the ability to manage a team that has members located in other latitudes.

Skills for Remote Management

Remote work requires several management skills to make it work as expected. Therefore, those in charge of leading and making decisions must adequately prepare those in charge of leading and making decisions to take on that responsibility and guide the team toward the objectives defined by the company.


Before adopting a strategy to incorporate hidden talent beyond a specific geographical location, the company must establish the necessary tools so that these new professionals can work to the best of their abilities.

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A preliminary review of the available infrastructure is required, and acquire what is needed to guide both the management and the fulfillment of the tasks successfully.

Legal Framework

It will be highly likely that recruiting talent across company borders will need to accommodate different labor laws and requirements. Given this situation, the strategy must consider these aspects in terms of contracts, work visas, and fiscal and tax matters, among other matters that may expose both parties to legal risks that must review must review in advance.

Impact on Organizational Culture

How much can the inclusion of remote professionals from other latitudes affect the organization’s culture? It is essential to review and work with the entire team on this situation to prevent any aspect of this strategy from influencing the feeling of belonging and the team’s commitment to achieving rapport to make this new modality prosper.

Induction Plan

A solid onboarding structure for new professionals is required to guide the onboarding of hidden talent into the company successfully. In the absence of physical contact, many situations and interpersonal dynamics of direct interaction are lost, so a well-rounded plan is needed to make a new worker’s first steps happen effectively under these remote conditions.

Talent Location

Talking about talent without borders is very broad. Therefore, geographic identification work is required to know where the talent that the company needs is located. To be successful in the search for talent on a global level, it is essential to define what the organization needs, establishing clear objectives and a well-defined profile of the characteristics and skills required before starting an active search.

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