How to Choose the Right Keywords in SEO?

How to Choose the Right Keywords in SEO?

If the goal of every online entrepreneur is to become number one on Google, then keywords are the means to that end. Keywords are the terms we enter in the search bar when we want to find information on the internet. 

Search engines display and order the results of each search according to the existence, relevance and frequency of these keywords in the content of each website.

Therefore the online business must determine (and incorporate) the correct keywords, which will position us in Google for the terms and phrases relevant to our activity, thus attracting our target audience.

Five factors you should consider to choose the right keywords

Search keywords, although it can be a monumental task, with the positioning of your website at stake, the secret to determining the right keywords for your project is based on five simple concepts. 

To choose keywords that will increase the commercial success of your website, you should base yourself on the following factors:

Relevance: The words on which you focus your campaign must have high relevance to the products or services you offer. The more relevant the keywords, the easier and faster you will position your site in the first positions of Google, and the higher the percentage of visitors that become customers. Your keywords should answer the question, what are we selling?

Distinction: Aside from being very difficult to rank based on general concepts (since by now you’d have to be a giant, exceptionally well-reputable site to get to number one for the word, say ‘coffee’), broad-sense words, They also do not help you stand out or convert new customers. For example, the term “coffee” could refer to a place, a drink, or a colour, and not all of these meanings will be directly relevant to your business. Similarly, someone searching for ‘coffee’ is most likely looking for information, not where to buy.

Therefore, if you are dedicated to selling coffee in Santiago, better focus on the keywords “arabica coffee Santiago”. Not only will you stand out from the rest, but you will attract customers who are about to buy since they already know precisely what they want.

Search Volume: Focus on the words or phrases people currently search for. The more people search for a phrase, the more hits you’ll receive when you rank for that phrase. Google Trends is a perfect tool to see the average search volume for a specific word or phrase.

Competitiveness: To minimize your expenses and position yourself quickly, you should choose keywords that the big brands or recognized sites need to be using. Google Trends also shows you how competitive each word or phrase is.

A hitch: To ensure that visitors arrive at your page, it would be a good idea to focus on keywords or phrases that replicate how Internet users search online. An excellent way to check is via Google Autocomplete – this shows you exactly which words browsers are using and in what order.

Take, for example, the title of this blog post: “How to choose keywords“. Instead of naming the article “The factors you should consider to choose the right keywords“, we built a title based on the hook word “How”. This is because people usually ask Google. 

Think about how you do your research online – you ask questions, too, don’t you? Thus, by basing the title on a question, people looking for information on this topic are more likely to find and visit our blog.

There is no gain without effort

Keywords are a crucial element of our web positioning, and it is worth taking your time to determine which keywords and key phrases will form the axis of your online campaign. 

It can be arduous, but if you go step by step suggesting words according to the different categories of relevance, distinctiveness, search volume, competitiveness and engagement, you will already be well on your way to reaching the top of Google.



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