Benefits of Customer Loyalty: Strategies to Reach It

Benefits of Customer Loyalty: Strategies to Reach It

The probability of selling to an existing customer can be up to 70% higher than selling to a new one. For this reason, in scenarios of uncertainty such as the current one, building customer loyalty can become the key objective for the survival of your business.

Customer loyalty strategies focus on ensuring that a consumer who has previously purchased our products or services is satisfied, prefers us over the competition, becomes a regular customer, and even ends up spending more on future purchases.

One of the first points to advance in the field of loyalty is to consider the digital transformation of all sectors and the consumer. The selling qualities that your teams have and the tools your organization has been using will need an update to be successful for years to come.

To successfully retain customers, you must have a good combination of soft and hard sales skills and a good understanding of digital tools to achieve the best experience with our products. 

Getting customers to become ambassadors of our brand on and off has become the biggest challenge for all organizations.

Strategies to Build Customer Loyalty Efficiently

According to Accenture, 80% of clients who switch providers believe that their previous company could have done a better job retaining them. How do we have the best strategies to keep customers, promote a better experience and bet on a lasting customer relationship? Here is the best plan for success :

Know Your Customers

Are you able to identify the needs of all your customers? It is not that you meet them individually, but that you understand well what those profiles are, their interests, and what matters most to them. Listening to a customer and having good information management tools means having more satisfied customers in the digital and knowledge age.

It is essential to bet on the training of your company’s talent in the necessary skills to increase the retention rate of your clients. Using social networks, the opinions of the staff who serve customers or different reviews helps to draw in detail the other profiles of your buyer and get to know their preferences better.

Loyalty Programs

It is quite a classic: Giving an unexpected gift to our best customers or surprising them with added service benefits are good examples of a loyalty program strategy. Other actions in this regard may be creating a VIP customer club or recovering the points program that has worked very effectively for numerous companies.

Offer Support and Help to All your Customers

Have you thought your business website or blog could become a promotional space for your customers? The concept of providing customer service can go a step further with this strategy by which you can become a partner or travel companion of that customer.

Supporting him with advice on the launch of one of his projects or giving him feedback thanks to your organization’s social networks can be an exciting strategy that you can start immediately.

It is not an idea that requires significant investments but the development of a good communication and feedback network with your clients to understand how to be of help.

Earn Their Trust

Pursuing excellence throughout the customer lifecycle will build the trust necessary to keep that customer returning. How to get it? Applying the marketing of small details, practicing active listening, and providing good customer service.

83% of customers who change brands consider that better service would have influenced their decision. It is also vital for many businesses to focus on after-sales service. If we have a good response at the end of this period, it can be definitive to achieving customer loyalty.

Pay Attention to Inbound Marketing

Indeed you have read and heard a lot about this term. The traditional marketing model that tried to find the customer and impact with advertising is no longer efficient.

The Consumer has Changed Roles

Their interests have not changed, but the way to search for them and obtain answers to their needs has. Now you have many tools to find out about the services offered by your company. And also from the competition. And, do you know who can offer the best information about your products? Yourself.

Inbound marketing tries to attract customers by showing them what interests them and solving what worries them, thanks to valuable content. Thanks to articles on your blog, ebook, videos, or reports, you can be more attractive so that a user is encouraged to interact with your brand and leave their lead. And even end up becoming one of your biggest fans.

Inbound marketing is committed to creating a lasting relationship with the client, offering maximum quality and personalization of content. If you turn to this strategy, it will surely give you many opportunities in the medium term.

Turn Complaints into an Opportunity

How to turn a negative comment from a customer into one of the greatest gifts they can give your company? If you have opted for the previous strategies and have earned your consumer’s trust, you must be prepared to manage all that valuable information. Now you will be able to receive more feedback since you have achieved great fluidity in contact with the client. And with that fluidity, criticism will also arrive.

You must know how to take advantage of those comments on your digital channels during the purchase or the post-sale period and turn them into your best allies. Knowing how to redirect negative feedback immediately is crucial to focusing on retention.



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