Applications of Big Data for the Security of Your Home

Applications of Big Data for the Security of Your Home

Little by little, but each time with a firmer step, Big Data is present in applications that we use every day (for example, in the recommendations we receive when using applications such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, etc.), as well as being a key technology in many other very diverse fields. Now, do you know the applications of Big Data for the security of your home? 

Because when it comes to home security, the smart use of data also offers countless advantages. But at what point do the paths of two so different worlds cross? That is, that of data management and of feeling safe at home.

The last word has to do with the arrival of the Internet of Things: it involves the integration of sensors, software and excellent network connectivity in the devices we use every day, which previously barely provided us with the least amount of information. , can now become a continuous data source used to improve home security.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Home

Something that a few years ago was the perfect plot for science fiction movies has now become an increasingly present companion among us. And there are many technologies that, based on artificial intelligence (AI), directly impact the security of homes around the world. For example, imagine how a facial recognition system at your front door could give you the peace of mind that you know who is on the other side of the entry (even if you are hundreds of miles away).

And it is that, based on algorithms and different visual recognition techniques, Artificial Intelligence can identify different faces evaluating in real-time if there is a possible threat to home security. Thus, it could distinguish if the visitor is the usual delivery person assigned to our area and differentiate it from strangers with unknown intentions.

Science fiction?

Not much less. Likewise, a home security application based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data could differentiate when movement inside and outside a property is abnormal, thereby detecting a strange presence.

On the other hand, another potential use of new technologies and Big Data for home security is its ability to memorize our habits -that is, record the way we behave inside our home in addition to adapting all systems such as light, television, music, temperature, door opening, etc., and adjust their behaviour to each particular situation that may occur. 

If we are travelling and we want to maintain the same activity in the lights of the house so as not to show our absence, these technologies will be most effective for configuring it in such a way.

Big Data applications for home security can also be focused on the protection of children. For example, sounding an alarm in case of detecting an unknown person near the child and sending the information in real-time to the police authorities to avoid a high-risk situation. 

All this is part of what is known as Smart Security and includes many applications based on new technologies and Big Data to make a home more secure. 

Do you spend long days away from home and want to check that everything is in order from your mobile? Or do you want to be able to communicate with a delivery person through an intelligent doorbell, so they can come back a few hours later? With the clever use of data for home security, all this is getting closer.



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