Apple’s Mixed Reality Glasses are Filtered: Glasses May Launch in 2023

Apple’s Mixed Reality Glasses are Filtered: Glasses May Launch in 2023

The device’s presentation could occur on June 5, although some analysts point to a possible delay in the dates.

Apple is preparing the launch of its first mixed reality viewer, which could be presented in June during its classic developer conference. During the last months, even years, leakers and analysts have been sharing information that allows us to understand ​​​​how the viewer will work.

Recently, the LeaksApplePro account has shared a real glasses design that could be very similar to the final device. Its development is clearly influenced by the image of the announcement of the developer event, which will be next June 5.

With a rather simple appearance, the device moves in line with other designs chosen by Apple for its devices. Remarkably reminiscent of the company’s headband-shaped helmets. They also seem less bulky than most scopes currently on the market.

Even though Apple is expected to show the glasses next June, and to start marketing them before the end of the year, recently the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most reliable when it comes to the Apple company, pointed out that it is not ruled out that the product, finally, is delayed.

Doubts with the product

According to Kuo in a tweet, this would be due to the “little optimism” of the company with the possibility that the product would revolutionize the market. Mass manufacturing would have been delayed until mid-year.

This is not the first to report Apple’s low expectations with this first viewer. According to recent information from the ‘Financial Times,’ workers from the industrial and design teams recommended that the company wait a little longer before announcing the launch of its next glasses. 

However, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, and Jeff Williams, the company’s head of operations, have decided that the launch will take place this year.

According to the leaks, the viewer will have a high cost, possibly more than 3,000 dollars, which, for sure, will be more outside the United States. 

In addition, it will have the complicated mission of competing in a market that, up to now, has not been able to convince ordinary users, such as the large virtual reality and augmented reality viewers. 

We find that the Apple company is trying, for the first time, to break through in a market that is not consolidated. Something that did not happen with the iPhone, iPod, or wireless headphones.

According to a study by Counterpoint Research recently cited by ‘ The New York Times, ‘the company is expected to sell half a million glasses in one year. Meanwhile, expectations with the first Apple Watch, the company’s smartwatch, were 40 million units.



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