Things to Note When Choosing Running Shoes

Things to Note When Choosing Running Shoes

Running is a form of exercise, then therapeutic for several other people. Whatever running is to you, you need to minimize leg injury and pain. Whether you are running as a profession or a hobby, you need to put suitable measures in place for effective performance. While running on unfriendly surfaces such as rocky grounds, you need shoes to prevent your shoes from hurting from sharp objects.

Having known the importance of running shoes, it is sometimes difficult to get the most suitable option. It would help if you considered several factors when choosing the shoe that gives the maximum satisfaction.

Australian Asics Stores do have quality shoes and a wide range of options that will meet customers’ requirements. When next you are walking into the nearest running shoe store to you, bear in mind the crucial pointers in this guide.


Comfort should be your utmost priority when considering a running shoe. Is it underweight or overweight for the supposed function? Sometimes, the comfort you get can also be from the compatibility of the shoe with the role you are using it for.

This factor may seem like the norm and expected consideration from every shopper, but it is not always this way. Many people choose tight shoes based on ignorance, without considering the long distance they would cover as soon as they leave the store.

Some people wonder why a shoe suddenly becomes tighter as soon as they get home, or they begin to cover a long run. This assumption is invalid because no shoe suddenly gets tighter, and the fault is usually likely from the user who paid little attention while making a purchase.

Another strategy you can implement when choosing the shoe size that provides the best comfort is to visit a store after walking around in the day. Your leg is swollen already, so you will more likely get a bigger size than a tight one. Usually, a shoe size slightly more significant than your standard size is appropriate, and this will help your feet adjust to the shoe after swelling from excessive running. However, you can visit Asics stores in Australia if you do not know your shoe size and want to get it right.

What Activity are You Engaging in?

Firstly, you should understand that the rate of running you undergo influences the durability of your shoe. How frequent or strenuous will you be using the running shoe? This means your running shoe should be purchased, bearing a specific purpose in mind. This will prevent frequent wear and tear and eliminate any foot injury.

For instance, trail running shoes are appropriate for running on rocky surfaces, and trail shoes were specifically designed to provide footing solutions for unstable surfaces. You only need to get a shoe that offers enough support when running on pavement or smooth surfaces.

There are also cross-training shoes that serve the best functions when cross-training or when in the gym. This will help you find a balance amidst the vigorous gym exercises, and it also provides support and grip to prevent falls or accidents. Road running shoes are also appropriate for running on the road or walking on a treadmill.

Consider Your Feet Pronation

Another factor you should significantly consider is your feet probation. This means you should know how your feet rotate while it’s in motion. When your feet roll outwardly, it is referred to as an under pronation or supination. In this case, you need a running shoe that will apply extra pressure on the lower part of the leg, and this will prevent the exerted pressured area from shock when in contact with the ground.

When your feet roll inwardly, it is an over-pronation, which means much pressure is exerted on the inner part of the leg. You will need a running shoe that will support this region of the feet.

The final form of pronation is neutral. That is, the feet neither grow excessively inwardly nor outwardly. You can get many running shoes that fit perfectly for neutral pronation feet in many AU Asics Stores. Reputable brands will provide the best wide range of options, ensuring you do not lose out on quality, regardless of your preferred design.

Do a Test Run

A test run is how you carry out the final task that proves the running shoe fits your feet. Before taking your shoe away from Asics stores in AU, you need to confirm that it fits your leg perfectly. More so, avoid being distracted by fashion or stylish trends. Consider the key elements above, and ensure the running shoes meet every requirement.



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