How to Improve the Digital Presence of Your Company

How to Improve the Digital Presence of Your Company

Your project may already have a neat website and engaging social networks, but more is needed to ensure that the content will reach your potential customers. If you have a good product or service, you must promote a solid digital presence of your company, and for this, it will always be advisable to be guided by professionals in the sector.

The unstoppable digital transformation, significantly boosted in recent years, allows us to reach audiences worldwide. This is a significant advantage that transcends old local and even national barriers but also requires certain efforts.

Is your business visible on the Internet?

The number of users who use the Internet as the primary tool to search for a particular product or service is increasing. This means that ensuring our company has solid online visibility is a differentiating factor that can provide exciting opportunities in the digital environment or condemn a project to failure.

The data is resounding: it is estimated that companies receive up to 2.7 more visits, on average, on sites other than their website. Ensuring that our business is also in these external places will bring visibility and reach, a fundamental task. We speak, of course, and in the first instance, of social networks.

But also from various platforms such as maps and GPS, essential to guide potential clients to our doorstep, as well as business-oriented networks and other types of more specialized directories. As we will see below, it is a question of appearing and of the information being consistent.

An important concept: NAP consistency

In addition to our website and social channels, the information about the project must be present on the platforms most consulted by users. It is also essential that this is correct since otherwise, we would make it challenging to locate, we would harm the positioning, and we could even cause a loss of customer confidence, present and future.

This is where a concept that is as interesting as it is decisive appears, especially for local SEO: NAP consistency. Derived from the acronym in English for name, address and telephone, it refers to the integrity and consistency of the company’s basic contact information.

Although it may seem so, ensuring NAP consistency is complex. First, there may be platforms we do not know about or whose operation we do not master. And also, because changing the telephone number, the address of the premises or the hours in some of them may not depend directly on us but on other users external to the project.

Essential tips to promote an excellent digital presence

Many factors can help build a strong digital presence. A good start would be to design a corporate image that adequately projects the business culture. To communicate, in addition, it would be necessary to reflect on what may be the most appropriate language, which may not be the one we master, but the one that potential customers understand best.

We probably don’t have the knowledge or resources to tackle these tasks. In this case, a simple way to enhance the digital presence of our company is to leave it in the hands of professionals like Orange, selecting it as one of the benefits of the new Love Empresa rates, which present different plans and are adaptable to any project.

This online marketing service will improve and increase the presence and visibility of the business on the Internet, expanding its digital presence on the leading platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Bing, TripAdvisor and Instagram. Guaranteeing the consistency and reliability of the information will grow the business by being visible to a more significant number of clients.



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