How to Create an Excellent Preventive Maintenance Plan?

How to Create an Excellent Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Many machines are used in the production line and inevitably break down. Their continued use means that damage can be frequent and, therefore, it is essential to have a good preventive maintenance plan that helps reduce it.

Below, we explain a preventive maintenance plan, its advantages, and how to carry it out.

What is a Preventive Maintenance Plan?

The preventive maintenance plan refers to all those actions carried out by the maintenance teams in all the company’s facilities or machines. These actions are based on protocols devised by the company to increase productivity and optimize resources and, simultaneously, the useful life of each of the parts.

With the preventive maintenance plan, it is possible to reduce technical stops and the costs of repairs or the acquisition of new machines. In addition, the valuable life the company already has in stock is extended, and possible sanctions for non-compliance with legal regulations are avoided. 

Steps to Create a Preventive Maintenance Plan

To create an excellent preventive maintenance plan, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

Create Goals

First, it is essential to clearly define the objectives achieved by implementing the preventive maintenance plan. 

These may vary depending on the company and its needs, but are usually the following:

  • Minimize the risks of occupational accidents caused by machinery malfunction.
  • Avoid the loss of raw materials due to misuse in the manufacturing chain.
  • Increase productivity and the useful life of all machinery.
  • Reduce costs.

Mark a Budget

The budget is essential for any action that the company carries out in any of its departments and, of course, preventive maintenance. 

Therefore, it is essential to establish the financial budget you want to dedicate to this task.

Review Existing Maintenance

To optimize all the resources that are going to be allocated to preventive maintenance, it is essential to review and evaluate the current state of all the machinery. And assess, on the other hand, if it is preferable to acquire new machines before starting with the plan. 

Choose the Type of Maintenance to Perform

The plan that is established must also focus on how preventive maintenance should be. There are two different types. On the one hand, care is based on time, and, on the other, that is based on use. 

Depending on the type of maintenance you want, you will devise specific actions and formulate particular measures to be able to carry it out. 

Structure a Plan and Review It

Once the objectives, the budget, and the most appropriate type of preventive maintenance have been defined, must thoroughly review the plan to ensure that the planned actions are correct and, if necessary, modify, eliminate or include new ones.

It is essential that the preventive maintenance plan is well structured and delimited so that everyone involved in it knows what to do at all times and how to do it. 

Corrective Maintenance

When we talk about corrective maintenance, we refer to a series of actions aimed at correcting errors in machines that need to be repaired or replaced to continue performing their function. 

Corrective maintenance is not part of the preventive maintenance plan but is closely linked to it. And with good prevention, it is much less likely that corrective maintenance will have to be carried out. 

The cost of corrective maintenance can be high if companies do not take it into account in advance or do not carry out good preventive care.  


Devising and applying an excellent preventive maintenance plan produces significant benefits for the company that develops it, saving unnecessary costs that can wreak havoc on finances. 

Your company can manage everything related to the preventive maintenance plan and control all the machines, revisions, modifications, repairs, or any other action that is put into practice. If you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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