Delivery With Drones – A New Way of Technology Delivering

Delivery With Drones – A New Way of Technology Delivering

During the last ten years, we have seen drones gain a place in our lives at such a rate that we are still digesting the advances they will bring with them in the coming years. Can you imagine going to dinner with friends flying through the skies of your city? If it sounds like something out of science fiction to you, you will be surprised to know that Vienna recently hosted, without going any further, the takeoff of the first drone for taxi services in cities. 

In a much closer scenario -there is still time to mature before a taxi drone picks us up on the terrace of our house to take us comfortably to the cinema- drones occupy the centre of attention of a multitude of companies, and among them, the Logistics: delivery with drones is already a reality with which sooner rather than later we could do our shopping.

But let’s take a quick look at the evolution of drones first. Since their use for military purposes for decades, drones have made their way into the general public at a swift pace. So much so that in 2010 the first controlled drone appeared with little more than a Smartphone and connection to the Wi-Fi network

At a time when children are asking for drones on their Christmas wish lists – remember that according to Statista, the global market for drones for private use by individuals is estimated at 2.6 billion dollars a year – how much will they not be able to squeeze out of the technology for the delivery with drones large logistics companies like Amazon? 


To put home delivery with drones in context, it is worth mentioning that the startup Wing (belonging to Alphabet) already began in 2019 to take its first steps in Australia by allowing its users to place small orders -food, pharmacy products, etc. .- to receive them a few minutes later with drones at their own home. This is a significant first step for the consolidation of delivery with drones worldwide.

On the other hand, it was also in the middle of the same year when Amazon announced its ambitious drone delivery project called Amazon Prime Air, under the promise of delivering orders of less than two kilos within a radius of about twenty-four kilometres. 

This video published by Amazon on its website shows the home delivery process with drones from start to finish, from the usual purchase of the product to its delivery at the chosen point in an agile, efficient and completely safe way.


Regarding the use of drones for logistics or delivery purposes, the regulations of each country have a unique character that becomes the main barrier to be overcome by companies that, like Amazon, want to take this step to improve the service offered to their customers.

Analyzing the legislation in the different countries in 2020, the technology company Surfshark prepared a series of graphic lists by the government highlighting the variety of policies adopted. In the case of Spain, as in countries like France, Germany or the United Kingdom, drones are allowed to fly with greater flexibility than in countries like Italy, with more restrictions.

The body that regulates the use of drones in Spain is the State Aviation Safety Agency. According to the applicable regulations, to fly drones professionally, it is mandatory to have a drone license and be registered as a drone operator; for recreational use, it is simply necessary to have the appropriate knowledge.


Combining the restrictions for the different countries with the limitations on the types of products that can be transported through the flights, common sense tells us that drone delivery technologies have yet to mature to become commonplace when receiving our purchases. 

Of course, remember to look out on the balcony occasionally in case an army of Amazon drones begins to cross the skies in your city.

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