10 Best Episodes of the Series According to Site IMDb

10 Best Episodes of the Series According to Site IMDb

Created in 2011 by Charlie Booker and broadcast on the British channel Channel 4 before being picked up by Netflix, “Black Mirror” has managed to seduce its audience with its intrigue mixing new technologies and social facts. And here are the ten best episodes according to the American site IMDB.

10. Playtest– Season 3 (Rating: 8.1/10)

With its breathtaking finale, this episode sees Wyatt Russell embody the character of Cooper, a young man who gladly accepts to test a horrific video game in virtual reality. But once in the simulation, he understands that this game is far from what he had imagined, bringing his deepest fears to the surface of his consciousness.

9. Uss Calister– Season 4 (Rating: 8.3)

More than a parody of Star Trek, this episode sees Jesse Plemons take on the role of Captain Robert Daly, who finds himself at the head of the crew of the spaceship USS Callister in a simulation of his conception. Robert is the co-founder of a video game development company that his colleagues little appreciate. All have been recreated in the virtual reality of Robert, who takes pleasure in controlling them according to his slightest desires. One day, a new employee, Nanette, arrives at the company. She is then unaware that Robert will use his DNA to recreate his consciousness in the simulation. A nightmare from which it will be difficult, but not impossible, to escape.

8. Nosedive – Season 3 (Rating: 8.3)

Soon, all individuals will have an ocular implant allowing them to assign a rating to people during their social interactions. Lacie, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, is particularly proud of posting an above-average rating. But after a series of incidents, his grade drops inexorably. And the more she struggles to reverse the trend, the worse things get. But how low can she go?

7. Shut Up and Dance – Season 3 (Rating: 8.4)

Charlie Booker created one of the most violent episodes of the anthology. Viewers follow the story of Kenny, who unknowingly downloaded a virus onto his computer and discovers that he has been unknowingly filmed masturbating. The hackers threaten to make the video public if he refuses to follow their instructions. Along the way, he confronts other people controlled by the hackers until one discovers the reality of the acts which are accused of them.

6. The Entire History Of You – Season 1 (Rating: 8.5)

Before “Succession,” Jesse Armstrong had offered himself the luxury of signing the script for the only episode of “Black Mirror” where the name of Charlie Booker does not appear as co-screenwriter. And it was an incredible success. The story is that of Liam, a jealous man who will use technology to record the slightest of his memories to find proof of his wife’s infidelity after a dinner where she got a little too close to her ex to her liking. The conclusion of the episode is a gem.

5. Hated in The Nation  – Season 3 (Rating: 8.5)

Frightening! The episode follows the investigation by London police to shed light on the suspicious deaths of people designated by the #DeathTo (#DeathTo) on social media after the behavior (or words) was deemed inappropriate by Internet users. Very quickly, the investigators discover that their death is caused by miniature drones in the shape of bees which interfere with the brain of the victims. Who controls these miniature robots? Why and by whom were they created? The answer to these questions will prove particularly deadly.

4. Black Museum – Season 4 (Rating: 8.6)

A well-crafted story of revenge. A young woman shows up at the door of a museum lost in the middle of nowhere. There, an older man presents him with different pieces related to new technologies, as well as the crimes committed with them by their owner. What he does not know is that this woman’s presence is far from a coincidence.

3. San Junipero  – Season 3 (Rating: 8.6)

One of the few episodes that end on a positive note. The story tells of the meeting of Yorkie and Kelly in a nightclub in the 1980s. But very quickly, we understand that the two women evolve in a virtual reality software intended for the older people or deceased so that they can experience the life they always dreamed of. A moving love story.

2. Hang the DJ – Season 4 (Rating: 8.7)

A la carte love. In this episode, Frank and Amy live in a world where a dating system determines how long a relationship between two people will/should last. Their disappointment is palpable when they discover that their meeting should be at most one night. But if the app says so, it must be true. While each chain relationship is full of frustration, they continue to wonder if they would not have done better to listen to … their heart.

1. White Christmas – Season 2 (Rating: 9.1)

The weight of confessions. On Christmas Day, Joe Potter and Matt Trent (played by Jon Hamm), who have lived in a cabin for five years without speaking, strike up a conversation. Matt begins to tell the terrible reason that led him to live in this cabin. Then it’s Joe’s turn to tell his own story. A confession that will not be without consequence for the two men.

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