Some of the Basic Information About the Internet

Some of the Basic Information About the Internet

In a world as hyperconnected, as we live in, we rarely ask ourselves questions about how or why things work in a certain way.

We all know what the Internet is and how we access it (and that’s enough for us), but not all users clearly understand the value, operation, and essence of the Internet. When faced with a particular problem, the answers we give are ambiguous. 

Connecting over wifi is ideal if multiple devices are connected to the Internet simultaneously. It is a very comfortable option to navigate without problems.

Connecting by cable only allows you to connect a single device, giving it excellent stability, lower latency, and more consistent performance.

You can combine both connections depending on what you are going to do on the Internet (playing online or watching movies is not the same as checking your social networks, for example).

Is it Legal to Connect to the Neighbor’s Wifi if it is Unprotected?

There’s a loophole, so it’s up to the judge. However, it can be considered a telecommunications fraud for the operators (because you are using their free line) and for your neighbor (who sees his connection slow down). The complaint probably would not have criminal proceedings, but things are not clear from the point of view of data protection.

Could You Install Windows?

If possible. And also the opposite option. If you install an application that acts as a “translator,” you can also insert a Windows so that it works virtually. That is to say, it looks like this, but “thinking” from the Mac. However, we do not recommend doing it if you do not have much experience in the virtual world.

What Was the First Web Page?

Although it is a version from 1992 (it does not include the original version because it disappeared), the first web page is still online, and you can visit it at As you can see, it has nothing to do with the websites you see today. It has basic HTML and a few lines of text—an authentic piece in a virtual museum.

What Exactly is the Internet of Things?

The process allows you to connect everyday physical elements to the Internet: from common household objects, such as light bulbs, to healthcare resources, such as medical devices; it also encompasses innovative personal apparel and accessories and even intelligent city systems.

Why is the Access Time of Web Pages So Variable?

It takes a long time to load a website, and you already think something is wrong with your connection. The access time to an HTML document depends on the degree of saturation of the server or the volume of traffic of all types existing in the routes chosen by the data packets to travel between the client and the server.

What is Planned Obsolescence?

Your computer has been working great for a long time. And one day, without doing anything strange and knowing why it decides to stop working. It is planned obsolescence, an industrial strategy based on the principle that “An article that does not spoil is a tragedy for business.”

Are Cookies a Computer Virus?

No. They are not going to contaminate or take over your computer, nor will they steal sensitive information that you have on it. You have provided all the knowledge that a cookie collects from your browser. Cookies are data, not code. The data is saved, deleted, copied… But they are not capable of performing actions, such as a code.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain names are easy-to-remember Internet addresses and are used to identify web pages. Domain names are also the basis for other methods or applications on the Internet, such as file transfers and email addresses.

What or Who Maintains the Internet?

A difficult question to answer since the Internet is all of us who connect with our small economic contribution and the information that we dump on the Network. 

We make it work. It is a globally distributed network consisting of many willingly interconnected autonomous networks. It operates without a central governing body, with each constituent network setting and enforcing its policies.

We hope we have answered some frequently asked questions about the Internet that we users ask ourselves or ask ourselves on occasion.



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