Most Used Programming Languages By Developers in the World

Most Used Programming Languages By Developers in the World

Digital transformation is the order of the day, so there is an increasing demand for programmers in the IT and cybersecurity sectors. Programmers and developers can specialize in different programming languages, so it is convenient to know which ones are and what each is for. 


Programming languages ​​are a set of codes and symbols used to guide the programming of structures in web development. This is translated into instructions. Programming languages ​​are the instructions developers and programmers must follow to write the various actions, data, and algorithms to create programs. 

The programmers will be the interpreters in this function. They will be in charge of following instructions and interpreting the language data to modify actions or solve any problem. 

Some of the most common actions of programmers are defining what must operate data must operate data with, how that data will be stored or transmitted, or what steps the software with which one works must take. 

Can distinguish many different programming languages can indicate many other programming languages. Each of them is used with different objectives; for this reason, it is usual for programmers to specialize in one of them to get to know the language in-depth and improve development. 



Python is one of the programming languages ​​par excellence. It is a relatively simple language to read and write since it is very similar to human speech.  

This type of language is free, cross-platform, and object-oriented, which allows the development of all kinds of software without limits. In addition, it is an interpreted language; that is, it does not need to be compiled to run the applications, but they are executed directly by the computer. 

Python is known for working with artificial intelligence, big data, data science, and machine learning, among many others; for this reason, it is one of the most used programming languages. Its simplicity in language and its expansive possibilities have made many companies in the sector opt for it. 

Can find the use of Python can be the use of Python in developing games and applications, but it is also used to process texts, solve equations, or store data. 


Java is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​in the world. This object-oriented language is characterized by its simplicity since it works less confusingly than others. Java enables software design to ensure the union between data and its operations and allows application developers to write code once so it can run anywhere. In addition, it is independent, which means that it will be able to run on any hardware.   

Java allows the design of almost all types of applications, but the most common uses given to this programming language are: 

  1. Mobile Phone Applications 
  2. Spreadsheets 
  3. Learning tools

You may have never found yourself installing Java because an application you needed to use did not work without it. Here, we can perceive the importance of this programming language and its worldwide extension. 


JavaScript is the programming language dedicated to giving dynamism and mobility to websites. It is a language that is also object-oriented, and that is understandable due to its similarity to human language. It is an interpreted language, so it runs directly from the computer and is suitable for all platforms. 

Thanks to the versatility and adaptability of JavaScript, it can detect errors in forms, create animations or sliders suitable for any screen, or easily modify elements. Of course, this programming language is critical for dynamic and moving parts: 

  1. Games in the Web Browser 
  2. Mobile Phone Applications 
  3. Photo Galleries 
  4. Animated Graphics 
  5. Presentations 

JavaScript is often confused with Java, and the truth is that one language has little to do with the other. One of the main differences is that the JavaScript language is less formal than Java, which is generally easier for users. Also, JavaScript is only used in browsers, while Java is suitable for many more environments. 

4. C, C++, AND C#

The C programming language was the first on this list and was created to replace language B. The same goes for the C++ and C# languages: they were designed to evolve and improve the features of C. 

Although improved versions have been created, the three types of programming languages ​​are frequently used because they have different characteristics: 

C: It is a structured and standard language, which works closer to the hardware than most others. It is used to program applications, from the simplest to operating systems. 

The C language is designed for small or medium projects since, being the first language of its kind, it has some limitations. 

C++: This type of language is an extension of C, so it contains all the characteristics and advantages of C and its elements that facilitate programming. 

It is an object-oriented programming language and has a high percentage of use in commercial software. One of the advantages of C++ over C is performance since C++ is faster and lighter than the previous version.

C#: This is also an object-oriented language with the difference that it uses the .NET framework. This means that it does not generate native code, and to run the programs designed with C#, it is necessary to have .NET installed on the computer. 

I can say that C# is more complete than C++ since you can create anything, but one of the disadvantages is that it requires to be linked to Microsoft and Windows, so you cannot use it with iOS. 

5. PHP

The PHP programming language is open source, allowing programmers and developers to edit its structure and apply it to any project. PHP is used to create web pages, blogs, and dynamic web applications, and one of the significant advantages is that it is constantly being improved. 

Unlike some of the programming languages ​​mentioned above, PHP is defined as a server-side language. This means it runs on the webserver, allowing elements to be loaded before displaying them to the accessing user. 

Another of the great features of PHP is the ability to connect the server, and the user interface thanks to the embedding of the HTML code. 

These are just some of the most used programming languages ​​that we can find today, but we must bear in mind that there are more than 600. For this reason, and due to the complexity of these languages, developers and programmers specialize in only a few.



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