How Does a Tag or Location Device Work?

How Does a Tag or Location Device Work?

Who has not lost their house keys at the most inopportune moment? And who says the house keys, the garage, the car, the wallet, a small backpack… And, as always, they will end up appearing in the least expected place (with a bit of luck, of course), making finding them often an odyssey. 

In these cases where it is so difficult to find some of the objects we use daily, tags or location devices can be handy for locating small things such as keys, a wallet, or even a small backpack. Even so, its uses have certain limitations before spending money on one of these devices.

In this article, we explain how location tags work and in which cases they can help you locate particular objects.

What are Location Tags?

A location tag is a small device that can transmit its location to a mobile device. And, due to its size, we can easily attach it to a keychain, put it in our wallet, or in any other object whose whereabouts we want to always have control of. 

Some use location tags by placing them on the collar of their pet, that great friend (puppy or kitten) who sometimes feels the call to go out and discover the world, putting their owners’ hearts in their mouths. Although, as we will see later, they are not specially designed for pets, given their broad short range.

Location tags barely measure more than a few centimeters. They are really light, but their ability to tell us their location can get us out of trouble thanks to the location technologies they have. 

How Does a Location Tag Work? 

Although they can be of great help in locating the objects most important to us, it is essential to know how location tags work and their limitations. Each model of location tag also offers a specific location system that you will want to know before leaning towards one model or another. 

Bluetooth Location

Bluetooth location is one of the most common functions in existing location tags on the market. Its operation is effortless: you just have to press the call button from your phone, and the device or label will emit a tone that will allow you to quickly locate it.

The main disadvantage of this system is the limitation in its distance range, which will vary from one device to another. As a reference, some models guarantee to communicate their location between sixty and one hundred and twenty meters away, after which the tag will be out of the Bluetooth signal radius.

Tracking Function

Another helpful function that specific models of location tags have is tracking when the device is out of Bluetooth search range.  

This function allows us to track the history of recent movements of the location tag, which will give us a clue about its possible whereabouts. Although it is not entirely infallible, it can help us locate the lost object by giving us at least a point of reference.

Device Network 

There are also location tags that can take advantage of the user network to extend the location range of the tag itself. This is the case of the Apple location tag (Apple AirTag), which can transmit its location whenever there is a device of this brand within a hundred meters of the tag (iPhone or iPad).

Weakness Of Location Tags

Although location tags can get us out of trouble, we must always keep in mind their weak point: the distance range limited to the Bluetooth range or, failing that, the need to be close to a person with a specific phone model to Let us know your situation.

This makes them not recommended when we want to protect things more critical than keys (which we can easily replace), such as our pet or even a small child. For these cases, there are GPS locators with a much higher level of efficiency, which will be the option that we should consider in these last cases. 

Now, are you one of those who frequently lose their keys? In this case, perhaps a location tag will get you out of trouble.

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