Here are the Cheapest Nintendo Switch Controllers

Here are the Cheapest Nintendo Switch Controllers

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you may look for controllers for two reasons. The first is because the originals have been damaged, and you want something cheaper since they are costly to purchase. The other is that you are thinking about a different type of controller to make the most of the playability of your console.

Be that as it may, if you are looking for controllers for the Nintendo Switch, today we bring you the best, and above all, at the best price, since we understand that if you are here, it is because you want to spend less than the original cost.

The cheapest Nintendo Switch controllers

We will make both models available, depending on whether you want the 2-pack (Joy-Con) or a more professional tabletop console style.

Ninad controls

First, we start with the option of Joy-Con controls, which come with the console itself but with a significant price difference. While the original cost was around 75 euros, we can find this pack for about 32 euros by applying the coupon. In addition, it brings the peculiarity that it is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite, so if you have one of these, you can turn it into an original very quickly and easily.


If, on the contrary, you are looking for a different style of controller, more pro, and on top of that cost you even less money, you have this option, also available for all versions of the Switch, which is very cheap, fun and with the guarantee and choice of Amazon.

Multiplayer Controllers

You want to take some extra controllers on vacation with some friends without investing much, and even if they are not of the best quality, they work correctly and give you those hours of fun you are looking for in a group. For this, these 4 Joy-Con are the key. You can connect with up to four people simultaneously on your console for an unbeatable price.


Finally, this design is different and will offer you much better playability with your Switch. If you want to spend less on a controller but would like a unique style, this one suits you. It will even be used with your mobile phone, PC controller, or other consoles, making it a safe investment.

These are the four cheapest options, depending on your preference. However, it may be different from what you wanted. In that case, you can go to Amazon and take a look; there are thousands of styles, even personalized ones, although a little more expensive.

If you finally do not decide and prefer the originals, know, as a recommendation, that on Wallapop and second-hand pages, many people sell them because their console has broken. You can get them at a much lower price than usual and full capacity. We all know that the originals are too expensive and not worth it since you are paying a quarter of a console for some simple, necessary accessories, but with cheaper options.



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