Google Safety Centre Launched In 8 Indian Languages

Google Safety Centre Launched In 8 Indian Languages

Google had a virtual Google for India event, where it launched a Google Safety Center renewed in eight Indian languages. 

The company also launched an online safety-focused program, “Be Internet,” for teenagers in the country.

The program has been begun in some global markets, including an interactive occurrence called “Interland” that assists children in learning the basics of online protection while performing free arcade games. 

Google also partnered with Indian comic book publisher Amar Chitra Katha to implement secure online content of famous comic characters in eight Indian languages. Google’s new publication aims to increase the Internet security of Indian users.

The renewed Google Security Center is intended to assist as a single purpose committed to teaching users about digital security and encouraging them to protect their accounts. 

It also holds the “My Activity” center, which users can obtain to view, control, and eliminate movements saved to their Google account to increase security. 

In the first half of 2021 alone, Google requires that the “My Activity” center collected more than 1 billion visits from Indian users.

In addition to these improvements, the renewed Google Safety Center also gained new Indian language support. 

The company initially presents security centers in Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, and. Bengali, Tamil, and Gujarati will be driven by the end of this year.

Google also started the “Be Internet Awesome” program in English and Hindi to support children, families, and educators in India in understanding the basics of online safety

The method also involves the “Interland” activity, which consists of games to assist children in learning about digital security and defending valuable information, one-time cyberbullying and differentiating between true and false.

Google Safety:  Users can find valuable sources and simple suggestions and recognize the appropriate digital practices for them and their families, all in the language of their preference. 

By conforming to the ‘My Activity hub via the Safety Centre or straight through their account, users can review, control, or delete the activity saved to their Google accounts.



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