Google Feature for Kids and Teens Under 18: Can Remove Images from Search

Google Feature for Kids and Teens Under 18: Can Remove Images from Search

Google wants to make it more convenient for kids and teenagers to remove photos of themselves from its search platform (Search Engine).

On Tuesday, Google revealed many innovative features intended to provide kids and teens a more reliable online experience.

According to the Search Engine, the company will shortly roll out a new policy that allows anyone under 18, including their parents and guardians, to inquire that their image is removed from Google Image search results.

Google previously allows the experience for users to ask that their personal information, including images, be excluded from search results.

However, such replacement requests must fit within particular takedown sections such as “non-consensual explicit imagery” or “doxxing content.”

Google’s new policy seems to streamline the method for teenagers and provide removal requests for images of any users under 18.

As Google resembles out in its statement, this won’t remove the images from the internet. But, without the most successful search engine in the world following it up in the search results, it absolutely will be much limited visible.

In interest to this Google Search policy statement, the company added other updates to safeguard young users on the internet.

Most of these different policy settings view default settings on accounts linking to those under 18. For example, on YouTube, new videos will default to the private upload settings for teens.

Google will also be working out features from Family Link to users under 18, as well. Family LinkFamily Link is a Google service that provides parents of children under 13 who cannot have their own Google accounts to control their usage.

SafeSearch, which automatically filters out specific search results for Family Link users, will now be utilized by default for users under 18.

Online platforms have newly centered on digital wellbeing for children who are now developing up with the internet in their regular lives.

Facebook, for example, has been operating on Instagram, especially for children. TikTok also newly rolled out limitations on user accounts relating to children under the age of 18.



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